Dropping Goners

Haha, it's funny knowing that people could turn out to be different than what you expected of them to turn out to be. This shows that life is very complicated yet in it's own complexness, I can see the joyful moments that life brings to me, you and them. Really, if you ever wonder deeper you should be asking why someone who wanted to be a doctor(and you're seeing he/she making his/her way to be one) turn out to be a lawyer of some sort. Forget calling he/she a doctor, he/she's now a lawyer. Yup, fate intertwined with life makes it more unpredictable yet you will always be happy with what you get, being grateful for every moment God gives you the pleasure doing what you like best or doing what you do best?

Taking this opportunity, I salute you guys who bravely took on the challenge from the Gov. by going to NS. Yes, it's a challenge. I mean come on, I just finished high school and suddenly I have to go on for a "vacation:jungle fever" (more like a summer camp to me :P) which is forced on me to go to. Hell yeah, if I said I wanna go so much. I long for this kind of freedom and why would I give it away for some national, patriotism, wacky-wacky crap like camp. No way, I would go! (Not that I'm against NS or so XD) So that's why I'm grateful that my name is not included. I hope the people who get to go for NS will have a great time and took this opportunity to learn as many as you can from the "so-called" patriotic people. Hehe :)

My desk with my desktop. Messy :P

I'm doing nothing actually right now. Just having the urge to type something so I take a seat in front of my computer, listening to my chemical romance's enchanted, and typing away whatever things that crossed my mind. Now that my brother already back to his university, I have this room to myself and I have the pleasure to do anything what I wanted to do in it, since my brother's not here anymore. (By the way, it become a lot more spacious too.. XD) Still, I'm alone in this room, if only my friends live near me. I'm feeling kinda sleepy right now, so I'm going to bed which is right behind me. Still kinda early for me.

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