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It's me again. Yes, who else it's not me who've been running the blog. This week had been so dull to me. Nothing happened. No one died. No stories to be heard and told. Just plain old me this whole dull week. It's only the beginning I guess? Well, recently my sister had been indulging in this new multi-level business thingy which obviously does not bring any interest to me at all. Now, she had been dragging me along to help her with her business and help to set some things up which I did it, reluctantly. It's just because I can find the spirit to do all those things. It's not same as school where you have to do things that you were told to do because you were simply told to do so. It's also fun if you get to drag along your friends to help you. Everything was much more happier and merrier when there's my friends around. Even going to school seemed so much more fun and beneficial than it's supposed to be (because I got to have fun with my friends). See? How much friends affect my life. The thought of that displeases me so much as it would made me feel like I am worthless person without my friends.

It's just unfair. I make friends with people who live far away from where I live. And, short texting them would be useless nowadays because you would rarely get a reply simply when they said "Sorilah, kredit kong!". Come on! What's with the credit? You couldn't even spare some 1 cent messages? I feel neglected you know! I messaged you 10 messages only to be replied by 1 message. I understand if you were busy but come on, you never took the time to online pun. At least ten minutes? I really feel neglected by my own friends which I cherished. It's also weird when I couldn't help it but to feel overly jealous when you hang out with your old friends. It makes me feel as if I was forgotten whenever you have fun with them because I did. You never called and calling you was harder than teaching a kid to use a potty. Some got a job and there, that's it. No news at all. I didn't even know that you have a job until I browsed your friendster. You used to tell me anything, but now,why the long dots? (Sorry for the irrelevance :P) You guys must be thinking how selfish Chom is? No. I'm not selfish!

I just feel neglected and thrown away and it hurts so much because I never did that to them. -Chom-

Okay. I relied on my friends so much but they did make my world spin. I'm not pin pointing anyone I know but I did mention a few who needs to know. Maybe, it's just me who doesn't understand their condition. Well, call me selfish if you like. All I know is that I want us friends be connected in any way we can, because good friends only come once in a blue moon. And even that moon wasn't there, but you did. That's why I called you my friends. Friends are what I cherished other than my family. It's you guys where I tell my stories to. Because it simple. Adults won't simply understand and say yes. But you guys did. And it's a special one for me.

"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you."
- by Steve Klaka
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  1. chom meng-quote diri sendiri...ehehehe...

  2. yeah I know how it feels. Ada setengah org jauh di mata jauhlah di hati. Tu yg tak ingat nak sms balik tuh

  3. It's fun lah quoting anything people say! yes, kak syari.. mmg.. but it's now all okay dah! Diorg siap nak sleepover lagik!


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