Fitna, a fitnah.

Have you read the papers recently? Or watch the news on the television? Fitna, a word of lie to us all. Fitna, is fitnah for us Muslim. Fitnah means an act when you accused someone of doing something that he or she didn't do. So, the film Fitna by Geert Wilders, a politician from Netherland, is a fitnah, a big lie to deceived our eyes. Please, do not believe any part of it, especially my non-Islam friends. We, Muslims of Islam are people of peace, people of freedom, and people of harmony. We never hide the truth from the whole world. Yes, we may be at war, and disturb the harmonies, but that was the one who went wrong withing their path in Islam. Most of Muslim are all abiding with what our god, Allah S.W.T and our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W had ruled out for us all. The film Fitna is only showing the part where some of the Muslims, going radical in their ways, fighting for the justice of Islam. But, don't see us all as the people who like to war. We, Muslims stressed on peace.

The man responsible for "Fitna", an anti-Islam politician.

Even the film Fitna is not approved by the Netherland Prime Minister. So, he's acting using his golden ticket, which is the freedom of speech to release the film.Film Fitna is just another big lie from Geert Wilders. Obviously, he's showing his hatred for Islam world wide. Please don't believe any part of it. Using Al-Quran Al-Karim as a source of war and hatred is so wrong and despicable, in fact is just anotherHis irresponsible act towards the Islam community is not going to be taken lightly in the Islam community world wide. I'm doing my part as a Muslim, just to clear our religion's name. Please, do not support the Film itself. Please be more responsible in what you're doing. That goes to you Geert Wilders!


  1. cis! everytime i hear his name i started swearing like mad.

  2. Thanks~! Just doing my part of the Islam community world wide.


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