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Lately, I've been indulging with mobile blogging, since for me, updating every single thing is important to keep update with everyone else. So, I've got this idea after visiting a friend of mine whose blog is full of pictures that she posted using mobile blogging. From now on, if you guys read a post that have a picture and a caption below it, then it must have been a post that I made using my phone. (I can't help it but to use 3G services, mind you it's not available in my house but it is around the main center of Alor Star O.o) Well, the good thing to mobile blogging is that you can post anything that you needed to, right at where you needed to. It's is satisfying, really, for someone like me, a blog maniac. I guess, technology had proven to us that it can bring comfort and accessibility anywhere that you need it the most kan?

For some one like me, I couldn't help but think. What if one day, suddenly out of nowhere, technology had gone with the wind, and all are back to basic. Yes Syazana, even cooking using woods as source of fire. (Just teasing you XD) Anyway, I think I can't cope with a life like that, I mean I love technology so much, especially gadgets like phones, mp3s, and other portable devices. Everyday, not a single day went by without me using my phone or the mp3 and the computer. Maybe it's just me, being weird over something so trivial. If that's the case then, let's just hope humans will continue to build more and more technology for the greater good, since recently there's a debate on how technology is bringing the destruction of the human civilization itself. Well, some technology are used in the bad way, but, it's not the technologies fault kan? It's the human who made such technologies and used it in the wrong cause.

Next time, I wanna see the Earth much more greener and cars fly above us without emitting a single pollutant. :)

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  1. haha. and suddenly i am reminded of syzn's bm esei. the one yg dpt top marks tu. imagine, nak call chom frm subang jaya guna asap. hahha.


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