One Wish list Down

I'm so damn happy this whole week, and all thanks to Mak for fulfilling one of my wish list. My old, tired phone which stuck and jammed every time I needed it the most had been replaced by a new phone, a walkman phone actually from Sony Ericsson. Thanks Mak, for sponsoring a part of it (mostly of it O.o) and one of my wish list is already fulfilled. Now, more on to my new phone, a not so new model which came out last year when I was still in Langkawi. The model W880i is famous for it's ultra-slim size, as slim as the CD case and it's damn light you may not notice that it's in your pocket and the same thing did happened to me, which doesn't make any differences to me since my last phone also made me feel the same way although it's quite bulgy, itself.

Sony Ericsson W880i, the ultra slim walkman phone.

Now, I'm sounding a little bit more like a commercial blog rather than a personal blog, isn't it? And, I'm not getting paid by Sony Ericsson either! Hahaha, I've longed for a Sony Ericsson for a long time, not because of their design only, but also their handy phone interface. My new phone, mind you I'm not bragging, just stating my happiness here, have a music player which is a big bonus for me since I'm a music maniac and only a good quality of sound could satisfy my music craving heart. The one thing that makes me SO down is the fact that this walkman phone doesn't have it's own radio player. Nevertheless, it's not a big deal for me since I doesn't listen to radios much. You know, I've read like SO many reviews that I was confused on what and which kind of phone suited me the best. Because of my interest for music, I bought a walkman phone model.

Despite of it's beautiful design, it doesn't pact a generous function. It have 2 mega pixels camera but it didn't carry along an Auto-Focus function and a flash light for taking pictures when the light is dim. The stainless steel design is what I craved for when I first saw it, but the keypads is still such hassle to use sometimes. I'll get used to it eventually. Now, Sony Ericsson should consider paying me up for the review of the phone. :D Thanks for reading my review. I'm sorry if my writing can be considered as bragging, and I'm not, just expressing my happiness to the whole world.

Tata. XD


  1. chom!!!
    hp br cantek...
    bley la gayot lama2 ngan ehem2..

  2. hihi.. yes yes~
    chom boley la pnjm kn kt aisya fon chom~ haha!

  3. Uhh, ramai yg nak pinjam.. wah.. :D Nak bergayot ka?

  4. xnk brgayutt.. rugi la brgayut.. fon cantik2..
    nk tnjuk kt sume org jee.. "sy ade fon yg cntik~".. hihi.. =P


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