Ride to Penang

Guess what folks? I'm going to Penang tommorow. Oh wait. What time is it? OH! Technically I'm going to Penang today. Weird, huh, when we think about how the time really works? Well, taht's not really the case now. I'm going to Penang tomorrow because my friends had asked me to join them and their little trip to Penang. And I will be staying with one of my friends' house for a while, (Thanks, Izzat O.o) but like always, when I'm traveling to other places, Internet connection seemed so hard to get by. Gee, I can't do updates of my blog then. Not blaming my friend here, because there seems to be certain circumstances on why he can't have internet connection there. It's not the end of the world pun kan?

Anyway, with my trusted brand new phone, I can always do mobile blogging kan? Anyone wants something on my trip there? Don't hesitate to give me a call!

Anyway, Mak(mother) forced me to go since she mentioned how I didn't have enough clothes for the matriculation program.

Tata XD

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