There's Light at the End of the Tunnel pt.5

Are you a keen secret holder? or some sort confidante? Do you feel the burden of knowing things others ought not to know? Well, well, this sort of thing is Foolish Boy's forte, but the real big problem is that, lately, many people had been coming and going, just to express their secrets to Foolish Boy. Being a good listener and adviser can be a bad thing sometimes, especially if there are too many people to listen to and too little space to place the "knowledge". With each passing day, holding on to the zippers on his big mouth, the Foolish Boy keep doing his daily routine, fitting in each time a mishap occurred. He felt the pressure of keeping all the "vital" information to himself. If he wanted to make a havoc of the school, he would been able to do so, with just little whispers here and there. But, little did they knew, their secrets/problems keeper had the biggest problem of all, even bigger what they had been telling him.

Once, someone did asked the Foolish boy, "You had been hearing people problems for so many times, when you'd ever tell yours?"

"I don't like to talk about myself, besides, it's much more fun when hearing people's stories. They'd make a good read," was all the Foolish Boy could reply.

The Fair Lady, one of the best classmates the Foolish Boy had ever had, was very concerned of this behavior of the Foolish Boy's. She needed to confront him.

"Hey, you. What'cha doing?" the Fair Lady called out.

Recognizing the voice, the Foolish Boy instantly replied "Nothing, I was daydreaming,"

"You were wha!? Daydreaming in the daylights? You've got to be kidding!" the Fair Lady exclaimed, her face was initiating a laughter, waiting to burst.

"What is it? I'm sure you came here not to talk about my daydreaming" the Foolish Boy snapped and gave a stern look to her.

"Well, let's see. Do you have problems in the school? Something you could share with me?" the Fair Lady asked.

"Nothing I could think of. Even if I have one, I don't kiss and tell." the Foolish Boy replied, he was sure with this answer she would leave him alone, letting him continue to daydreaming.

"That's no fun when you don't share your problems. How do you relieve your stress? Huh!?" the Fair Lady keeps pestering the Foolish Boy with more questions.

"I listen to peoples' stories, and it entertains me, A LOT," with that the Foolish Boy stood up and head for the door.

"If anyone asked, I'll be "away"," the Foolish Boy smiled and hurriedly disappear.

Unsatisfied with the conversation, the Fair Lady was very determined to know what the Foolish Boy is keeping. But then again, with the Foolish Boy's attitude, the Fair Lady knew quite well, that she'd never get a decent answer or maybe a truthful one, yet. But all in all, she knew, he'd succumbed to her someday later.

And it was already nearing the finals and they were heading for senior year. By the time, The Foolish Boy had made so many friends and it had already be his family, his own family in the school. Though they might not fit the missing pieces, at least the partially fills the gap and loosing ends. It might not be a masterpiece, but you may never know. And, the Foolish Boy's relationship with others, especially the Cool Guy, are going to flourish soon, or so thought the Foolish Boy. A new year is always a new change for everyone, maybe people could change too, the change of heart. May the next year be another amazing year for the Foolish Boy, and oh about the exams, well, let's say he did his best.

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