15 things about me. Weird things actually. (Delayed telecast)

I was once tagged by a blogger friend of mine when I was first started to have my own blog. I don't know whether the person is a she or a he, but that guy had tagged me something about 15 facts about me. So, not so recently, another friend of mine had tagged me about something quite similar which is 15 weired things about me. Until now, I haven't really had done anything about it since I was quite busy a little back while ago, so here it is.

15 oh-that-is-soooooo weird things about me.

  1. I don't know how to start this now. Hmm, well you can say that I like to name things, non-living, non-breathing, non-reacting and any other non-pulsating things that I own. For example I named my N-Gage QD phone as "My Precious" since it was precious to me as precious as the ring to Gollum in TLOTR. I also named a few others;

    • My previous phone w880i, "Steelie", since it was made out of steel.
    • My current phone w910i as "Golden B", because the colour is golden brown.
    • My laptop is named as the "One with Processing Powers", since it was the main purpose that it would serve me for.
    • The pendrive I'm using is named as "Chom²" to indicate ownership.

    I also used to named my other belongings but, oh well, I seemed to forgot what it is. :)

  2. I never like/love/will be eating seafoods other than fish. I'm not allergic to it nor I am afraid of it. It's the taste that I abhor so much. But if it's in the form of balls or cakes, I wouldn't mind eating eat. For example, shrimps. I hate it when it was cooked when it's still in the original form, but I wouldn't mind eating cooked shrimp balls. Talk about being picky. *sighed*

  3. I love to observe people's shoes. I believe shoes reflects the owner's personality or mood of the whole day.

  4. I love eating sweet whenever I feel down or sad. I believe this started back then when I was still studying in MRSM Langkawi where it had been the heaven of all chocolates with it's extremely cheap prices. Luckily, my teeth are still standing strong until now. Cheers!

  5. I'm a perfectionist. For certain parts only. I may look scrubby when I was in school or my room in Casa might be quite untidy sometimes, but you wouldn't know me if I'm back in my room in Kedah. I have a certain rules when I clean my room. For example, the length of my bed sheet must not exceed more than an inch from the original setting. This means, anytime when the sheet started to fall a little bit, I will remake my bed again, even if it's just one cm. And I usually plan my day ahead, so a little surprise into my schedule is sure to upset me. Try me. I dare you. Haha.

  6. I can't stand the smell of MURTABAK! NO! NO! PLEASE! Not another murtabak! But if it's durian? I'll savour it. :D

  7. I love how the rain drops. Don't you?

  8. I don't like football at all. I really not bothered with how Liverpool scores so big, or how Manchester Utd. is defeated by Chelsea and so on. For me, it's not worth the time to really follow all the football thing. I only watch other sorts of sports such as Tennis and Badminton.

  9. I was the youngest child of my family, but my friends said I look and act much more mature than the rest of my friends who are oldest child in their family. Truth is, I'm still young at heart. LOL.

  10. I like listening to the music without any interruption. Please don't, since it's gonna cost you your life.

  11. I don't like height and speed. I just can't stand it. It's dangerous! Seriously, what if I fall or the car crash into something? It would be sewiious. *It's how MingMing from Wonderpets pronounce it*

  12. I like to see how people make spaghettis. The reason is yet to be known.

  13. Hearing people talk in slangs or accents make me feel good inside. It is unexplainable since it depends on how would you really interpret it. Haha.

  14. I really love to see new places and learn new cultures, but I detest the whole process of traveling. I don't like to travel at all unless the time taken is short or the whole trip is really comfortable.

  15. Ok, that would be the ending of the endings of the weirdest things of all the weirdest things.
Ok, boys and girl. That would be all today. :D


  1. Chom trsgt la pelik... hahahaha LOL

  2. chom..ak x suke tgk org msk spagetthi..ak just suke mkn jer..so,ko mmg plik..haha!


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