Rub me skin off.

This might be random, but I did changed the layout. Bosan pula penulis pakai the same html layout, now the XML layout looks better right? Dah lama sebenarnya nak pakai this type of layout just takde lagi yang berkenan di hati ini. So, saja-saja la search dekat Google and terjumpa this template yang sangat menarik perhatian. And I remodeled it to make it nicer with the casa pictures and all.

If it's that beautiful, I don't really mind. :)

And, who would have thought that Chinese New Year in Subang is a lot big-bang-ier from Alor Star?

Seriously, it's the 3rd week already. Stop with all the fireworks. You gonna get someone go crazy with all that explosives or even go deaf if that's best way to stop hearing your fireworks. And it is much more annoying when you can't even look where's the fireworks are all coming from.

P/s: PGL, pergi ke korang?


  1. ahoi~

    rajin gila tukar layout lagi~

  2. baru tukar layout.. bosan tgk yg lama.. yg ni ada gambar casa yang korang semua puja-puja tu.. heheh


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