It's payback time, Aizen!

This is it guys! The showdown between betrayed good and triumphing evil! Okay, this might be a little late, but I don't read mangas since I can't imagine those fights since it is way damn to fast to even draw it in sequence and anime is more "real" since you'll get voice and and well, animation of course. Duh! Anyway, now that we all know how Vaizards started thier jouney, it might be as well good of Shinji to repay back Aizen for all the trouble he had costed them. Who'll win? We'll see.

For those who supports Aizen, you know where the exit is. :) Nevertheless, Aizen's quotes is really thoughtful don't you think?

They went out with style I'd say! Here we go! :D

P/s: Intan, Ulqoirra dah mati. Hehe :P

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