10 things about the person who tagged me:

  1. She's a sweet little girl.
  2. She's nice.
  3. She likes anime, but I'm not sure much about the otaku part.
  4. She's into LOLITA stuffs.
  5. She doesn't want to eat chicken anymore, and that makes all the chicken in the world feel so sad. :P
  6. She's quite short for a girl. I guess?
  7. She once broke her high heels the day for the IELTS speaking test I think.
  8. She love to stares at someone's hairstyle.
  9. She lives in Kelantan. :)
  10. She's single and available. So, guys?

10 (useless) facts about me:
  1. I name my non-living things as if they were real life pets.
  2. I love anime so much.
  3. Wants to visit Japan and Korea so much.
  4. I love Digimon more than Pokemon itself.
  5. I love my family and friends.
  6. Currently into Bleach and Nodame Cantabille which is thanks to Nik.
  7. I'm into Gossip Girl.
  8. I like to be alone sometimes.
  9. I love it when it's sunshine but not that warm outside.
  10. Currently taking SAM, and believe me, you don't want to.
Not tagging anyone.



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