You do need rules, right?

Rules are what you need to follow, or a certain guidelines when making or following a particular process. Well, rules can be applied ALMOST anywhere in our daily lives, and it' does not always be limited to laws, right?

In my own family,for example, we have our own certain guidelines on how you would behave when you’re getting scolded, or how you should react to certain situations. house-rules2

It happened during this one time, when I was little that my mother used to take my sisters to local playgrounds and when I was about their age I didn’t get the same chance. Made me furiously mad, even for a child. It was hard to understand it at that time, but as I was growing older, I soon learned that it turned out to be my mother was and still now afraid of driving cars. She said:

“I’ve depended too much on your Father that I simply forgot how to drive a car”

Well, I can’t really blame her now, can I? But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the chance at all to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

Rule number 1: Don’t get mad and be a lot more patient. Especially if you’re young.

Now that I’m here in Subang Jaya. It doesn’t make any much of a different at all. I still have to wait for the bus, regardless of the time. If I don’t want to compete with each other to get the bus early in the morning then I have to wake up earlier than others to catch up the bus. Not a good way to start your day right? I know.

Same goes when it’s time to go back. Busses only arrive at designated times but it sometime failed to obey the agreement made.

If you arrive at the same time with 2-3 busses at Casa Subang. Please start running, or you’ll have to wait patiently again for the lifts. And to add it up, those nurses do really have a annoying idea of going to first floor and came back down to the ground floor for the sake of getting the lifts to themselves.

Be prepared, they come in large numbers.

Rule number 2: No matter what time you came back to Casa Subang, you still need to compete for the lifts.

It’s proven that rules apply to almost anywhere. Even MasterCard can’t handle it.

P/s: Homework needs to be done. :)


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