Left 4 Dead 2


I just can’t believe it myself. Left 4 Dead just went out early this year and they are already planning for new one. Well at least it’s not a sequel to the first one so making it a brand new story to play with.

With in it, are new characters, 3 guys and a girl (almost always like that), 2 blacks and 2 whites. And they fight in a new timeline but at the same time with the other original group. The difference is that they are more onto daylights while the original group was casted in night time.

New weapons to be chosen. No ammos? Don’t worry. You can use axes, baseball bats, chainsaws and even cooking pans. :)

New infected. Doesn’t look that very convincing though. :S

By the way this is also a good game too.



  1. yg 1st pun ak tak main lagi

  2. tulah.. diorang ni mmg gatal. tamak haloba! cepat sangat!


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