This journey of mine, we…

share lots of things together. 3 years, on going like we’re sure that this thing we had is gonna last forever.

I know, us, meeting there, like a band of thieves, yet so subtle in the details, was a blessing from God.

A “friend” used to ask me, of all the people I had to befriends with, why them?

I simply replied.

“I don’t choose my friends, neither should you. Those guys are 100 times better than half of the people in this school.”

It was like we are all  like a family in the school. We fought our battles together, though absurd it may sound, but reality wasn’t that forgiving either. Should I chose not to go, should I chose to return back home on the 2nd day, I would have never meet such wonderful people.

N is a good friend of mine, which we go to the same school since primary. Every time I’m around him, there was never a moment of silence, simply because we never had to think before what we want to say, being all transparent. Laughter. Tears. Scream. Smile. :)

It was N who introduces me to Y. Frail-looking as he maybe, but he had the purest of heart, so pure, that I simply just love the radiant smile he portrays on his face. I love his antiques. I love his loud-almost-screeching voice, who enjoyed singing most in the bathroom.

It didn’t took me long enough to meet F, another good friend of mine. I just need to poke my head to the door next door, and voila, he’s right there, either sleeping, or doing trivial chores of cleaning the room, or folding his clothes neatly to be stored later. Storage shed of food, some people say. :P

I met I & P through N as well. I was from the neighbour class, which I will hang out with him, chit-chatting while waiting for the time to have lunch. He was loud-mouthed but, no one is better than him when protecting his friends. When I met P, in his own room, he was already friends with N and I at the time, so I wasn’t hard to befriend him. Calm and collected, but rough in so many ways. It was thanks to him that my nights are full of stories to be heard.

The last one is quite the special. A. I met him at my homeroom meeting. He was outstanding in so many ways, that it appealed to me that, somehow we could be friends, and I was damn right. It didn’t took us long enough to be “babes”. We shared our moments together. The preps. The lunch. The late night Thursday where it is Friday tomorrow and the early Morning of Friday. So many things done. Homeroom meetings where it wasn’t dull with you around.

Together we formed the word.


Good God. I could have never wished for better friends than these guys.

May Allah S.W.T bless you all, for making a presence in my life.


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  1. Faynatics nya dunia kuu!!(ala2 KRU gtuw, haha)..
    love u guys so much!


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