Learn Law, like Law itself does not apply to you.

We have many kinds of law, just to discipline ourselves, so much that almost all fields require law to supervise and oversee its workings and dwellings.

Law of Attraction
I wonder why we have this in the first place. It's not like that it's working anyway. If we do, might as well say people won't be single anymore.

Law of Human
Human laws, as far as I am concern, is futile, useless, especially to those which applies internationally. No one wants to obey your laws, if you were the one who broke them first. Pity, that is. You can't control everybody.

Law of Gravity
I do believe that gravity exists, even tough you can't see em, but must there be laws on it too?

Law of SAM
This one starts to get on my nerves, I mean so bad, that sometimes I feel like I'm gonna burst into flames and incarcerate everyone near me. But then again, it was this law that I'm going to apply later in my life. Oh, do please let me get this chance.

Everyone wants to fly. What matters most is your hardwork!



  1. law of attraction doesnt mean you will be in pair. attraction id too subjective to be defined. bukaklah blog razzi rahman. u'll know hahaha.. :p

  2. law of attraction sgt bes kot..
    it changed me..
    immensely, i might add..
    read up on it..

  3. "Everyone wants to fly. What matters most is your hardwork!"

    hehe. not to forget the important part too is also have FAITH!

    believe me, even you hardworking, but if you don't have faith in you, it is possible not to happen.

    by having faith, you will find way to realize it.

    quoted from my friend's blog which he shared things he read

    "Without faith, we can’t even finish a simple task. For example, when you are afraid of a cat, and you don’t have the belief of holding it, how can you catch it?

    We cross the roads when the light is green because we believe that cars will stop. We lend money to our friends because we believe they will pay us back.

    In fact, there are countless actions we take every day that are based on faith. Faith creates confidence. When we have faith that we can do sth, no matter what, we will find the way to do it. Isn’t it?"

    for full post. come here. > http://www.syafiqazhari.co.cc/2009/08/5-rules-of-thought_01.html

    I recommend and encourage you to read it. Inspiring and important boost you up to work!

  4. Syafiq: boleh.. buat aku boleh lahhh

    Aji: Hurm, itu betol jugak.. but i don't believe in such trivial laws..

    Anwar: Hurm, thats for you to say. I mean, I never thought it up as a real law..

    Thanks for reminding me that in every action, what we really needed the most is faith, hardwork, and believe. If we have faith in what we are doing, and believe that we can achieve it, while maintaining our hard work, surely, even the stars would not be a problem now. :)

  5. it's not really a law..
    it's a SECRET.. hehe
    look for a book called "the secret"..
    it's got all the lowdown on what the law of attraction is..
    but now, mcm2 buku dah bleh dapat psai topic tu...


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