I wsih lfie wulod be esaeir!

Do you know what? It have been SO many times that I’ve felt hurt because of your actions, such actions for me were too ridiculous to even bear a little bit longer.

Then again, you wouldn’t guess it’s you simply enough the fact you were never the type to even put yourself in other’s shoes.

Whenever I post anything about you, you would never felt it at all. You are too egoistic to me.

If you’re thinking that how jealous I am of you, you’d better stop. I am definitely not in the slightest jealous at all, neither I am thinking to be so in the future, thanks very much.

    Lemme guess, you’re not going to be the first to ever think that the post is for you..
        There are no secret messages fool!



      If so, congratulations. You had just won first prize nobel of “friendship”!

      And if you ever think I’m the one to put up secret messages coloured according to the background, think again. I’m no coward either. Not mentioning your name was just to be courteous, and that’s all.



      1. atashi wa wakatta. daijoubu ne, atashi wa, itsumo, soba ni iru yo. :)

      2. yang pasti bukan untuk korang lah kan :)

        anyway, it's about how ppl treat u the way u think u nvr deserved it at all.

      3. hehehe. i understand this post. =)

      4. syaukat: kalau dia, tak kut? not worth my posting page, i guess.

        laila: tak. aku sayang kau lah :) friendly sort of way.


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