Waiting for a change?

Footprints_In_The_Sand_by_madilar© madilar @ Deviantart.

Like always, it’s the season of change. Season of exams where people need to change for some reasons unknown.

People always come and go. Their only intend was to leave as many as footprints in your paths, so that once you came to meet again that footprint, you might remember something about the owner.

The road closed. Another one opens. Another closed, another reopened.

It’s life. We met someone new, we tried to be friends, we befriended them, and we grew closer. Then one of them will need to say goodbye in the end.

Life’s still a puzzle to me. I still can’t figure out why people cried at the moment when they lost somebody or feels at lost when their loved ones had gone. Shouldn’t they feel it everyday, the love, the caring that radiates through the faces of their love ones?

Best_Friends__by_hutt_boy_24_7© hutt-boy-24-7 @ Deviantart

“When you hold dear to your past thoughts, only to know the one you love all these time had already been loved by another.” – story of past admirer.

“Life for another wouldn’t move on, if the one here won’t try to be so vigilant at it.” – story of a haunted one.

And as for me, life is just another drama to cope up with. You’ll end up hurting, but in the end you’ll be a grown man.

P/s: Exam’s coming! Wish me luck! :)


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