I’m already moving on. Bye, peeps!


I’m already gone, already two steps ahead. Don’t worry, I won’t fall again, or even if I did fall, I won’t fall hard. Those who knew me well, should know now that I wouldn’t do things that I know I wouldn’t be capable of.

Life is what you seek. Life is what you want it to be.

All my life I’m still seeking. Some friends had long found theirs. Others had already broken ties.

I’m not seeking love beyond imagination. That is a futile search to begin with. I’m seeking warmth of it, a gist of it is already more than enough.

Thought I should stop seeking, since I’ve found some of the warmness in my family and friends.


But human will always be human as life is not always planned ahead. Some just jump into the occasion. Would that pose any problems for others?

Let’s get real. We are all the same, no matter how we refuse to admit it. You call others lying bastards, but could you guarantee that your not, even the slightest bit? You condemned others of how they are fighting each other, but will you admit that you’re glad that they did?

So, the point here is that: Don’t be a so self-righteous crusader who thinks that he’s the only one with a gun in the battlefield.

I’m not condemning others. I’m just pointing out. I’m a human after all. Mistakes are what make us grow up.

So friends, if you ever make mistakes, learn from it.

P/s: My friend would like to kidnap someone after midnight. Should I help her or tell her no?




  1. nah.. terasa mau cakap wow. haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. eehh... aku tak sebut nama punnnnn :)

  4. com!!! at last!!!
    Com, don't worry of tripping again, coz we r all here to support you!! yeahh

  5. thanks yat. some ppl need my reality check too~


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