Sailor Came, Sailor Sailed Away

Once, there was this sailor of very old age. He was cunning, he was smart, he was everything but wise.

As people ages, they became wiser, but not for this sailor. He remained absurd, relentless of time.


All he knew, he would be the adopted son of the sea, asking protection from Poseidon, the God of the Sea himself, each time he sailed away.

One day, Poseidon split the sea into half, creating the never ending pathway between it. It remained that way for years, and never shown a sign that it will revert back to normal at all.

The sailor tried to walk along the pathway, wondering what’s waiting on the other side of the world. Little did he knew about the dangerous unknowns lurking around him.

Well, what ever it is waiting for him, the sailor must go on and continue to walk. It’s too late to return now.

End of anecdote ‘Sailor Came, Sailor Sailed Away

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