Imperfect is the new perfect.


Looked familiar? No, not him. I’m talking about his so-called “adored”  appearance which most people would want to be one, or at least adore. It maybe real image produced as a result of countless modifications by the media people, but to me, it’s plain unreal to the bones itself.

Many people are led to believe, the real perfect figure, is to be one portrayed in the medias.

Well I believe, to be perfect isn’t worth it. Being yourself what matters most.

Although I do wanna loose some weight for a few reasons, but be reminded that my ulterior motives are way beyond than being perfect.

Being healthy, and enjoying life is way cooler and worth the hard work.

And yeah, my baby is here! Finally after years of gawking *cough2* at those DSLRs, I finally own one.



His name is “Mundane Alpha”. Just call him Alpha. ;)

My closest friends, be prepared. You’re gonna be my models for sure.

P/s: The picture was taken purposely not to reveal my body. Heh. :)


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