Life’s a mosaic and I can’t seem to recall why.

I have lots of stories to tell, and I just forgot what it’s about. Holidays aren’t helping either, since I can’t seem to jog my memories at all.

Mosaic. You can’t see clearly, but the shape’s definitely there.

I like to be excited at almost anything, just say it. A brand new pen will definitely set my mood straight.

But, how about this big path lying before me. The unknown wonders. The vast experience. The wonderful tales along it. The sorrowful cries beyond it. I can’t see it now, but its there.

I wasn’t all excited to go now. There’s too much to think, and too little time at it too.

Time. Every people would want that. A gist of control, be it reversed, stilled, or fast forwarded. For only fools like me wished it to be remained forever still.

Itu cerita penulis.

Setia itu is a plus, nice is a must :)

p/s: mesti dia bahagia punya!



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