Mr Opto and Me with the capital M

So my glasses are all rusty, dirty and the lenses are full of scratches here and there. Thus, I've decided after long contemplation that I needed a new pair of glasses. No, this is not about how cool my new glasses is gonna be, nor that how in the event of strong, harsh light being directed at my face and the lenses will suddenly turn dark like to help me see.

(I remembered about one of my buddies asking me why on earth would i browse the internet for a pair of glasses. Well, maybe because that I NEED one to see? joking buddy. :p)

This is about my conversation with the optometrist. Wasn't short, rather average. Wasn't that quirky like I thought its supposed to be. You often talk to your barber/hairdresser about the current issues going on around you, but let's be honest, have you ever considered doing this with your optometrist? Well, not everyone NEED glasses to see I guess. joking again buddy :p

A little bit awkward at the start but we somehow clicked along the way.

I forgot his name, and even if i remembered it, we have a strict confidentiality agreement between patient and optometrist. No, not really.

Lets name him Mr Opto.

And me as Me with the capital M.

We first talk about the sunny weather, typical speech starter.

Then here's the best part.

Mr Opto: you know, rudd's gonna take over anytime soon

Me with the capital M: yeah, read that in the news. have they replaced julia? (as if julia's my long lost friend that i've met in university days)

Mr Opto: not yet, maybe tomorrow we'll know the news. so where are you from?

Me with the capital M: malaysia. :)

Mr Opto: oh! isn't that the country which the opposition leader had been accused of, you know, hitting it up with a guy? been in and out of the court for ages.

Me with the capital M: erm... erm, what about my eyes? #tersipusipumalusambilgigitkukujari

Somehow this conversation started after i mentioned that i'm studying law at university of adelaide. No, not all students like to talk about the politics. Well, at least i used to think like that anyway.

My point is, given that others know malaysia to be a place where politicians use the dirtiest tactics to justify their methods of getting control over malaysia, shouldn't we do something about it?

You and you, my friends all over the world, particularly in malaysia! Stop inheriting this style of doing politics, especially those who called themselves muslim! We are the youths of malaysia, and we should change our mentality, our methods, and our objective.

In islam, politics are done with full grace without any backstabbing and comploting behind the scene. Islam tought us to be trustworthy especially holding a position that is equal to a leader. i can list it according to what i understand how muslim politicians are supposed to be nowadays, or what they are lacking right now.

1) trustworthy and responsible towards the task and work assigned to them. never take anything for their own especially the people's money and property.

2) good attitude and respectful towards others. as somone who is elected by the people, they must have good attitude so that they are well liked and respected by everyone.

3) unity. a good leader must have a strong sense of unity so that people would stay together even through the hardest situations. a good leader will ensure that the people remain strong through unity rather than crumbles because of disunity.

4) loyalty. a good leader must also be loyal to its roots and its country. he must be loyal to his religion too in the sense that he is pious and not someone who disobeys Allah swt.

5) prosperity. a good leader must be able to maintain the propserity that is well maintained between the multi races and religion.

you know, a true muslim will never do you wrong. i can assure that.

remember the story of the jews in Madinah? they were not excluded nor punished from the community when our prophet Muhammad saw was there. that's just one of the many examples out there.

so, i implore you people out there to think for sometime before voting for your leaders. think outside the box, and think carefully. 

"is it wise for me to choose the party or the representative?"
remember, the one doing all the work will be the representative not the party.
so have you heard of Arus Baru? Go and check it out now!


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