A Brilliant Smile

When you guys read the title, you all must have guessed it must all be about me today. But, to break it to you guys, it's not about me this time. I only write about my feelings when I'm feeling happy or extremely sad or lonely.(alienated, somehow it's relevant :P) When we lead on our own lives, we must one day come across a big problem, an obstacle so challenging that a glance from your eyes makes your heart wither, sinking in the sea of and endless despair. Let's just face it. We as a human cannot run from having problems. If we don't happen to never crossed one, then you're out from the human league. Yes, it's true. We must somehow face a problem before in our lives, yes? Even it's just going to the grocery store for your mother who wants to cook lunch or having the assignment which needed to be passed up before the deadline(which is like 2-3 days, Yup, I've been one myself :P). Facing the deaths of your loved ones. Parting with your friends. This is life. We must face it or we gonna be down always.

I believe, to overcome your problems, is to overcome it with a smile. Yes, a smile. Yup, I've said it. A smile will change it all. When you're feeling down because of your problems, don't just take a chair and seat in the corner of the room facing that exactly corner or just roll up in your blanket crying hard. Why don't you carve a smile on your face and think about the goods in life that you have right now. Think of your loved ones. Think the happy moments that you had with them all this time. You're sure to carve a smile on your face, somehow, even it's just a little a bit. Then take the time to think it all over again. When you lost your loved one/s, it doesn't mean it's the end of the world already. I'm very sure that your beloved wouldn't want you to be sad for him/her. It's true that I haven't faced the situation of losing someone so precious to me, but when that day come, I will toughen myself up and carve a smile of feeling a new. You can't be sad forever, it will be depressing on others that rely on you, as their pillar of strength. Just put a smile, a brilliant one that is, making sure to everyone that you are okay.
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