Cramming It All In

A scenery from MJSC itself. Beautiful isn't it?

How should I begin this? I missed my friends so bad. I really do. The big question is that:
"Can I see them again?"
I mean we live far far away. Can you imagine? Life without friends like? It's like a human with a hollow heart. Nothing that can be seen or touched of the heart. I remember the laughter of my friends. Usop's teasing me. Radzi's playing words with me. Naim screaming here and there. Qayyum's playing game (which is my phone if you asked. I cant get hold of it myself. XD) next to me. How I wish I could retake my own life again. Just this once.

I missed my class. My table mates especially. We do a lot of group work together. Taufiq and Syamil, I don't and wont forget you guys. You guys brighten up my life, even it just a little bit. I missed everyone's voice, so bad that I wish we could go to the same class again just one more time wearing school uniform. Silly of me right? The teachers. They are wonderful people teaching me what's good and what's bad. I really love them. I don't know why, but I still love the school even though I hate it so much. Maybe it just the memories that had been stuck there for a long time?

I know, I know, I've been ranting the same thing all over again. But, I can't help it. I really do love my friends. They're my world other than my own family and siblings. I just can't wait the changes that is gonna happen when I go back to maktab and receive my own SPM result. Until that, I wish I would stop remembering them and laughing alone. My brother kept asking me why I was smiling or laughing all alone by myself. He thought I was going senile or something. It's just I remembered you guys. (It's no way that I'm going senile at this such young age! C'mon gimme a break! :P) That's all. It's hard to crammed it all in.
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  1. hey chom..
    nw i noe im not alone..haha
    miz u guys so badly too..


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