Getting Anew of Yourself

Hullo, this would be my first time typing for the blog. Hmm, I wonder what I should really write, you know, to attract people to come here? Why would ask you guys? Hrmm, good question, really. Well, I don't know, as writing something (or typing :P) could be very subjective sometimes. For instance, if you see someone getting into a car, you might say it's his car, but the awful, flat truth is that, it's not even his, and he might even stole it. When I write this, people may assume many things. They may say it's full of bullshit and crap sort of things. Others may say that's it's worth to read. Others wont even bother to look up the internet (God, what era I'm in again?). Still, that's how life works with you. You may be deciphered wrongly by others, but take it, but don't sulk about it. Life is unfair. Just live it and you'll make it.

Hearing this from me isn't very encouraging isn't it? Haha, I know, I know. I've been through life as well. The hostel life of MJSC have thought me to be a damn good survivor. You have to play along nicely the game and yet be cunning about it, to be the manipulator, or to be manipulated. But, when I remember it back then, I miss that kind of life. It's very enthralling, actually. Back to the topic again, I remember back then when I befriended a good friend of mine. We were quite close that people think nonsense of us ( We're still close by the way :P). That's why I'm saying that life is unfair and yet subjective in it's own way. How come the people be so judgmental about our close relationship when they, outsiders, don't know the real truth and reasoning. They did say, people are afraid of what they don't know. Then know us. We're not afraid of telling the truth. This did happen when I'm in MJSC. I nearly lost him to the stupid rumours . What gives.

Still, I'm living through it. And I still breathe about it. I survive these words for wars. So, I'm restarting (reboot, for a computer nerd, hehe :p) for a new kind of me, who can easily detect a precious ally, worthy companion, and wonderful comrade, between a monstrous enemy, damned back-stabbers, and great liars. I won't stand anymore when I'm being pushed around. This time I'll do the pushing instead. (But, really?) Nope. I will be neutral. So, I can survive. I will start a new with new glimmers of hopes and reality to blend with the mindful bearings of the past.

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