Travelling Treasures

Hey, it's been quite a long time since I've been ranting about something. At last, I've got time to get to a computer and write something. From Kedah, I traveled to KL, alone. Actually, I wasn't that brave to go alone, but the thought that I need a day off makes me push myself through the limit. Hehe, it was worth it. I arrived around 2 p.m. From there, I contacted my trusted buddy, Usopp, as he was the one who should pick me up. The bus, MARA liner, I believed the bus, put my whole faith on it and it dropped me outside the Pudu station while it's still raining. Hish, and it's quite been along time since I last been to KL. I don't even know where the Pudu station is. Everything looked like a pudu station to me. Anyway, I muster all my courage and wander around looking for the station. Luckily, I saw a bus going inside a building, so I assume that is the station. I went in, and there Usopp walking straight to me. We ate and walked our ass to Low Yatt. I asked Usopp, how to get there. And I got what I didn't wanted to hear. "I really dunno this place," Usopp replied looking very frank. I followed Usopp, and we did eventually got there. Low Yatt, was very interesting, technology mall for me. After that a brief walk to Times Square. Saw a woman dancing on the dancing arcade thingy at cosmo's world. Looked really like Yuna.

The next day we went to Times Square to hang out with my good friends, Anne and Mien. Yep, upon arriving at Times Square, we met Anne, alone. Where's Mien? She came out late I think. Usopp left me with Anne and now we looked like we're dating or something which makes me really, (when I said really, I mean REALLY) uncomfortable. So I followed Anne to a food court and ate chicken rice there with her. Later Usopp came with Mien, looking like a date. To cancel out their effects, Mien accused us to dating first. What the heck? We went on watching a movie later. I AM LEGEND something. Quite boring as the story is somehow depressing.

The very next day, I went out with Usopps family. We went to Kajang. Yeah, satay kajang is a must. I ate quite a lot. Really enjoyed it and all that thanks to Usopp's family. Then the next day which is my last, day I went to Klang. Usopp's parents wanted to buy winter wear clothes, so this place has it. Actually this place that I mention is Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco. Wonderful time, we had there. Me and Usopp when to the arcade and was wondering should we really play what we did best, Time Crisis or play a new game. Suddenly my eyes get caught of a new game. A hitting Gong following to the tune. The songs selection are unique ranging from Doraemon theme song to Naruto's opening song. We played, taking the easiest level and hit the gong. We gathered quite a few spectators already and decided to play a harder one and we, once again did our best to give a good show. Hehe, we craved for more, so Usopp bought some tokens and I waited for our turns to play again. We did, but sucked at it. Don't really know why. Maybe we chose a hard song to play. Night, we ate with family at mamak stall and then they sent me to the bus station. End of story. Wonder If I can do this again. Thanks a lot Usopp.

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