Caressing the Sky

Moments ago, I've realised something. I haven't updated much of my entry for this blog. Well, you can't help it if there's no story to tell to the readers. Why no stories you asked? Well, it's just I haven't done anything that is worth story telling. Talking nonsense now are we? :P I've also realised just now how I loved being a high school student although the fact is I hated being one when I'm one. Understood? Hahaha :) Now everything is clear. I really missed the moments as a student who is required to wear school uniforms to the school. The strict order. I miss them. Thinking about the school, I browse my pictures in the computer. Not much of them can be called candid as mostly the people in there just sit and pose nicely for the camera. Hmm, it somehow strips away the fun from the school seeing that all of my pictures were somehow looked very serious and all. Here, a few pictures that I had taken while I'm in MRSM! Enjoy.

Hmm, you'll guys see lots of food. It's not me who took it. (now, now dont get any ideas now.. :P) These are some of the moments that I cherished being a student. The part you need to do homework and where you can't finish it, you seek your friends for help. The part joking and kidding during prep hours. The part where you sleep in lectures. (I did it a couple of times ;P still I will always be caught. Wonder why?) I mean there are a lot of other people in the lecture hall that were snoozing. Of all people it had just to be me. Hahaha :) Life as a teenager never could be fun than being in school and having fun with friends. Miss that moment a lot!
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  1. salam aleikum wa rahmutallah wa barakatouh.
    you are all beautiful mashallah!

  2. Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah
    Hmm if you referring to my frens, yep they are! Thanks for visiting though! I'm the boy who wears the sun glasses though :P

  3. oo, fahilme hensem!

  4. HEY..y is everyone in the missing-school blues? u got affected by me eh? :P

  5. standard ar.. aku syg skool tu, even the fact i hate some moments in the skool.


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