Retake of The Lives pt. 1

Hello, guys! I don't know what's got into me lately as some of my posts are considered quite serious. I mean, I've been talking about the news that happened recently in Malaysia, my own stories and my damn serious thoughtful thoughts, and my own bamboozled perspectives about certain things which to me and others are not that important to be rambled about. Still I want to get a piece of it exposed to others. Weird rambling this time huh? And I also know that recently I've been mentioning how I miss my school days and the moments like "Cikgu Hikmah dah datang! Cepat masuk posisi masing-masing!!!" and "Dah, bunyi dah wisel tu.." It's funny how you as a still-schooling teenager would do anything, I mean particularly ANYTHING (remind me and my friends a lot :P) including hiding in the toilet, behind water tanks to places you cant even imagine just to survive living in hostel. Let me start, my own daily cycle of life. (what I do around MRSM Hehehe :) ) It was end-year 2007...

"Knock! Knock!" the pink door (wait a minute, PINK!!? Isn't this guy's hostel?) of my room opened up. Someone switch on the lights. My eyes opened up abruptly. I looked around searching for the culprit who interrupted my beauty sleep. (obviously at the door lah! Where else? ;P) It was non other the famous HEP for his line "dosa dan noda",Pak Lam (short name for Hj. Roslam) He looked me with a sinister look on his face.
"Ni aper nih? Tak cukup katilker nak kene share nih? Awat? Maktab tak pruntukkan cukup katil ker?" - he said frankly with a big grin on his face.
Such evil look from your own teacher? I, struggling to keep my eyes open, were quite confused to what he was referring to. "Was he going senile at such early age?" I asked myself. Suddenly, I realised something! I was having trouble last night because somehow I felt the bed was smaller than usual. (or it's just that I'm getting bigger? and that's quite some possibility :D) There was this snoring sound next to me. I turned around and to my damn own surprise, it was Qayyum. Heck, when did he turn up next to me? Whatever, so I tried wake him up but to no avail and he said "Laterlah, aku nak tido skit lagi nih" Ignoring him, I reached for my colourful towel and my bathing basket and headed towards. As I wear my shoes, Ucop said "Tunggulah!" I looked at him and laughed. "Kau lambat sgt asal!?" and rushed towards the toilet. I went in and they were large crowd of people waiting in line to take their time to have a bath. For us, bathing time is like a battlefield, where the stronger side will win the fight for a place in the bathroom. I'm being on the loser side, retreated away from the form 5's bathroom and signaled Ucop to follow me to the Form 4's bathroom. He understood very well what I'm saying without me needing to speak. We've got this special bond as roommates. Hehehe :P (not that kind of bond lah! We're just best buddies in the same room) Going into the Form 4's bathroom, I looked somewhat mighty and brave for someone who doesn't know his place. XD You can't help it if you are seniors. After bathing up, I return to my room leaving Ucop behind as he always took the time to bath. (see, we're not having that kind of bond Hehe :D) Qayyum wasn't on my bed when I returned so I assumed he's already in the bath roomlah. He's always late. Well, not my problem, really. So, I dressed up and quickly hurried up to surau and have my subuh prayer together.

Finish the subuh prayers, all the boys rushed toward the DS. Avoiding the peak traffic myself, (tell me, Do you want to line up early in the morning, looking half sleepy while waiting for your food? No I don't. I rather sleep on the table!) I went back to my room and saw that Qayyum rushed towards the surau. Dude, org dah abis solat dah. Before that I met chimok on of my roommates and asked him,"DS makan aper?" He said "koey teaw goreng! sedap oo" I lokked at him and he quickly laid on the bed, closing his eyes. I sit on my bed and was thinking should I sleep a little before 7 o'clock? Well, time is forgiving sometimes, so I slept back. :). It's already 7 a.m. My watch told me so as it ringed it's alarm. I woke up and woke the other roommates. The whole room slept back? I thought I was the only one who were that sleepy. Well, you can't blame me. I can't sleep very well last night. Well, can't actually blame others though. (QAYYUM!!!!! You're so DEAD MEAT! I so gonna give you a piece of my mind!) After doing some last-minute touch up, I hurried over to DS and to my own surprise, the students didn't finish up the koey teow goreng up. And the kakak DS isn;t around SO, BUFFET TIME! I hurried and take a plate and filled my plate until it's damn full. Well, if I don't eat them, the DS team (Team? Man, you gotta have better vocabs for this so-called TEAM) gonna throw away all of them. I mean why throw them away while you can just give it to the homeless kids and guys at the street, but who would have the pleasure time in their hands to simply drive a car and "Hi" a stranger that they never ever met before, and dropped a pack of koey teow goreng? I simply don't even if I could. While I was enjoying my food with my friends (mostly Ucop and Naimlah, we're the trio of roommates whom liked to eat later and avoid the huge crowd craving for food as if they haven't eaten for three days.) Duh? It's just regular breakfast, why fight for it? It's not like you're not gonna eat breakfast if you we're pushed away from the counter. People, this is NOT Zimbabwe! We're not people living in a country where foods are scarce! We people live in the country where people eat too much until they die. Come on. Think lah. Pak Lam appeared at the DS door. I took a glance and signaled my friends to hurry up. I took my sliding bed and passed through followed by my friends mentioned earlier next to Pak Lam, looking blank. He just smiled. That's not a good thing is it? Well, whatever.

Then the roll call. It's the same repeated stuff that we had to do day by day. Cikgu Hamid giving us the spirit to follow our dreams and Pak Lam (again..) scolding us about breaking the rules and particularly being late to roll call, where his eyes lingered and perfectly laid it's sight on me. I sheepishly smiled. Well, Pak Lam, I'm not the only one who's late for the roll call. Some didn't even turned up. I'm better than them right? So stop giving me the credit I don't deserve already. The roll call ended before the time for the first class. We all, hurried to our own class room. "Assalamualaikum!" I greeted the class. Some of them answered while others seemed not to bother much. Well, it's morning. You can't be too energetic about it neither you can be about school. Syakirah came to me. "Chom, kelas bersepah nih! Suruh la orang bertugas kemaskan!" I looked at her and then at the schedule which listed the names that are supposed on duty. No wonder she's making a fuss about it at me as...it was ME who needed to throw away the rubbish away. Being late, I didn't have the time to throw away the rubbish early in the morning. To make the nagging stop (mcm mak aku jer.. I said to myself) , I took the rubbish bin and showed it to her. I smiled, more like grinning. "Chom, aper nih!!!" she screamed. I laughed. I wasn't having any ill thoughts in my head. I throwed it away and the teacher we're already on her way to my class, so I hurried over to the class. "Woih, cikgu dah datang dah!!" The class became silence as I uttered those magic words. It was Cikgu Hikmah. I really like this teacher! Why? She's simply it. She's not young neither she was too old. Whenever she came to school, she will always wear this special set of theme lah. If the theme today were pink, she will wear a pink tudung, pink pattern of flowers on her baju kurung, not mentioning those beads on her tudung, and this pearl necklace she's wearing and her pink high heels. Conclusion? So vogue-like for a teacher. "Bangun Semua!" Everyone obeyed. "Assalamualaikum murid-murid." We all answered her salam. She began to teach and suddenly, "Akmal! Boleh tolong tak?". Of course I MUST can! I'm the president of the class. Saying no to a teacher is a NO-NO! That's my principle . Sometimes other teachers will asked other classmates as they know I took time doing simple chores. You can't help it if you're big and all. :P

And back to my table which consists of 4 people. In front of me is non-other the most shrewd, bullying witch, named Sarah Atikah. Yet, she's still lovable in her own way. I like picking fights with her, because she's just so fun to pick a fight with. I like friends with her. Next to me is Suriani Harun. She is this short girl who looks like she was still in primary school but have the aura of maturity in her. She's like this mak-mak which is a good friend to have indeed. I like her as she shares the same interest with me. Animes, Japan, and Korean movies. Now, the finale. The one and only nerd I found walking on earth right very front of me eyes. (just kidding syazana :P) Syazana! She's not that nerd. It's just that she tends to stuck her face in the book she was reading as show of great interest. I can see that Syazana! This girl is so great to have fun with. I mean, not one of my days went by without me hearing her frank expressions. She's just great. Not just that she's smart, she's also loveable. (Am I being too much? Hahaha :P) The boys that I'm closed to are Syamil a.k.a Billy and Taufiq (Sarah's ehem-ehem) a.k.a taiko. They're my place to release the tension and stress. Syamil's funny when he's not around Aisya. You know, mood changed. Funny mode to romance mode. (Hahaha, sorry Aisya :D) Taufiq was a joker as well. Especially that time in the remedial classes for add maths. He mention the 1150 N thingy. It was my, how should I say it... -_-|||

That's pretty much I can type for now. I will resumed my writing tomorrow. I'm sleepy. :yawns:
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