Retake of The Lives pt. 2

*Important notice, all that I've said are only my sincerest opinion and thoughts that I have during the school time. If, you, were somehow mentioned and opinionated, and that opinion is somehow had provoked your inner theater of angriness, then I'm so sorry.* Hahaha, I don't really mean it. really.

Last time, I wrote all about me and my daily things that I did around in MRSM from dusk until school time. It's quite a story isn't it? I mean not a day went by without my friends. (Ya la, you live in A BOARDING SCHOOL, DUH!) Well, here we go, I'll continue if you may..

514 Crazy Moment

After Bahasa Melayu class (now that Cikgu Hikmah insisted that it's now Bahasa Malaysia :D), my another favorite class, English lesson. Yes! I like English and that all thanks to Kak Ayu lah for bringing me some Harry Potter books while I was still in primary school (was it Standard 3 or 4 and Harry Potter was phenomenal back then and still phenomenal even now :) ), or I wouldn't like English at all. Here came our favorite English teacher famous for her slang and style, Ms (now Madam, she got married this year, congrats) Sue. She likes to give us assignment especially essays and mostly the theme will be LOVE. (Dang it! Not again.) And there will be this particular girl who will always steal the eyes of any English teacher in maktab for her superbly-wide-vocabulary and her superbly-grinning-like smile(now to think of it, I kinda see the reflection of a fox there for a second.. :P). It's our prime minister for the school's debate team, no other than Wan Safiyyah Nurnajah bt. Wan Ahmad Tajuddin. (that's mouthful, just kidding XD) I like her for her essays, her thoughts of certain things, her wide knowledge (which I assume she got if from intense reading) and her sense of justice. I remember back then when she would sit together with this group of people mostly consisted of Sarah Atikah, Irwan, Bella and me(sometimes) and discuss about things that covers from Napoleon to Nazi's leader, Hitler. Another good knowledge to be added to my head. Next hopping to another good friend of mine, named Anne. Real name is Nur Nadiah Zainal Ariff. She's the type who cares for her friends and will always do her best to cheer them up. I like her way calling me especially when she's angry with something (Chooom..... *makes a grunting face*)Whenever she has problems, I will be the one to lend my ears. And when I have problems, well, I don't have the mouth to voice it out to anyone. That, is the big reason why she insisted me to tell her my problems. "Chom, lain kali cerite lah masalah kau jgnlah pendam!" I frankly replied "Aku suka pendam." She replied "pendam, pendam.. tu la yg besar tu!" I just laughed. She's also so particular on what I ate. That's a BIIIIG problem for me. I remembered back than that I used to smuggle K.Pah's nasi lemak in my bag just not to let her see it. Well, thanks for caring though.

514 girls :)

*Kriiiing* *Kriing* The school bell rang. I quickly packed my things and hurried to the next class where 515 is. "Naim, Izzat jumla pi makan!" We, three walked towards the DS and there we met the others, Aiman, Pipo, Faris, Yen and Syauqan. We ate together on the same table (for like every lunch, every dinner and every supper..sounds wrong isn't it)and took this time to update about each other. Then comes to prep petang(which is the prep time that I don't like at all.). It's very challenging and you needed to overcome your inner wanting whenever it came to prep petang. Oh well, when you're tired after spending the whole morning in the class, you wouldn't want to go back to class in the evening, am I right? Well, never the less, I always go to prep petang never missed one(which is A BIG FAT lie.. :P). I remembered back then, when I was so lazy, that I wanna skipped prep petang so bad and had to cancel it when the voice of Cikgu K.B could be heard from the green square. She was screaming and yelling like a mother who had lost a child. Upon hearing her screaming mad, I quickly dressed up and head towards the class. I don't care even if she yelled and jumped right at me, as long I can laid my head on the table in the class.

514 raya time.

Now it's evening, time for activities, where my activities are various, ranging from snoring, sleeping soundly, playing UNO cards and talking and chatting. Sound like a total loser right. Ahaha, you can't blame me for acting such way. Next is maghrib prayers, where I would gather with friends at the back of surau, boy's part. After the maghrib prayer, we will gather at the back of surau to chat and study some subjects before examination. And there, I will hear voices of the girls, though I can't barely recognized which is which. (I did remember hearing Anne and Najah though, where Anne told me to senyap skit! I just laughed and syhhh at her back :D) After some tazkirah, given by our young ulama's (if there's none will just do our own things) we head straight to our own classes and night prep begins.

I'm pretty sleepy right now... :yawns: Got some driving to do tomorrow.

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