Officially announcing that I am now damn bored even tough the connection to the internet had been connected once again. I don't really know why I felt this bored. I'm supposed to ask for a job at the 7 Eleven and boy I was very enthusiastic about it. Yet, somehow I failed to pass the application form back to the market. Talk about laziness. So, now I'm at home baby sitting my young niece for some extra cash (it wouldn't hurt, would it?). Yesterday night, I was watching this famous movie of Mike Myers' Austin Powers. I laughed at every single joke that they made. It was damned funny and it's impossible even for the cold-hearted not to laugh at their well crafted jokes. I mean, its really funny and strongly suggest that you guys watch it. And talking about my niece, I found out that kids at 1 year old have their own creative-unique minds. Well, my family and me were sitting in the living hall one night, watching "Musang Berjanggut" one of P.Ramlee's classics. And the story came to the part where the folks are singing happily. My 1 year old niece was dancing and practically singing "da..da..da.." (which I think, it's the baby's way of talking) to the tune. And yep, she was quite euphoric about it. I then sang the song. She looked and me and make a sour face. Was my singing that bad?Ayah then said "Biaqla dia dengaq lagu kat TV tu!" I then stopped and watched her, dancing happily. After she started to cry. She was hungry, I assumed?

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