A few days ago, when I was surfing the net at midnight, suddenly, my connection went all bamboozle, the fact that I can't connect to everything that I had. My Yahoo! Messenger, Bittorrent, and mostly surfing the net. I reset my modem which is not the very best thing to do. I waited. Still, there's nothing changed. "Maybe if I wait until tomorrow, everything is gonna be alright." I thought to myself. The next morning, it was still the same. I urged Ayah to call the TM guys so that they could have a look at it. They did came the next day, but to no avail, they didn't know what to do exactly. -_-||| Why did we even bother to call the TM guys? Luckily, all is fixed, thanks to my father's friend. It turned out to be there's something wrong with my modem then. Haha. All is well.

A few days, I went living, connectionless! And now I felt how those people who didn't have internet connections in their houses feel like. I feels like you're in a very small space indeed, without friends. I felt like that because I simply depends too much on the internet to have fun!


  1. ^^ i hte when my cnnction wuz down,2..!

  2. Yep, mcm my whole world tu kecik sangt..


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