Down to Measure

Today, I woke up unusually early for me, that is 7.00 am. Yesterday night I slept at 2 am. I wonder to myself somehow that I manage to open up my eyes and take a bath despite. I felt damn cold that morning despite the fact that I bathed using warm water. Mak come to me and hushed me to hurry up and eat the nasi goreng that she cooked. Mak was already in her baju kurung while holding Ain, looking ready to go to work. I asked mom when you're suppose to be at your work place?
"Mak kena masuk kerja pukui lapan pagi. Cuba ang tengok jam tu? Pukui brapa dah tu!" Mak said looking worried that she wont make it.
I take a look at the clock on the wall, in the kitchen. It was 7.15 am. "Mak, awat kalut sangat nak pi awai-awai!? Bukannya tempat mak jauh! Dekatja pun" I replied, not bothering to look at Mak while enjoying the nasi goreng. The truth is that Mak was afraid that she wouldn't be in time. I said to Mak not to worry. Kedah is not like Kuala Lumpur. We don't have much traffic jams. Mak still have the worried face on. We made it to Mak's workplace and it's was just 7.40 am. Ayah then said to me "Alah, mak ang kan menang dah banyak anugerah, dia kalut la nak pi awai kalau-kalau ada orang nak rampas tempat dia!". I laughed. Yes, it's true. Mak never takes leave. Even she had some headache or fever, she still would go and do her job. She's so workaholic. Last year, she won an award, for the best worker of the year, and truth be told, she did won it for several times already. Maybe it's because the overtime that she did.

After dropping Mak at her workplace. Ayah drove me to the driving agency and dropped me there. From there, an uncle would drove me to Mergong Barrage where the big driving institution is situated. This is it! I would be driving a car today! Yes! And as my hopes are flying high it suddenly crashed as soon as the sight of a Kancil as a vehicle for learners cross my path. How I'm gonna fit in? It's..
Well, it's too small for me, and I'm big and all. You do the math. :P
Before I'm allowed to do any driving, I need to go on a theory class first. And as I suspected, it was damn boring. And the one who will be teaching me in the theory class is an ex-army, police, guerrilla, and blah blah, you named it! He was being damn strict as if we were his cadet doing his military drill thingy. Nevertheless, he was a joker but his jokes are kinda serious and it's hard for me to get it sometimes. "Ada berapa tayar pada sesebuah kereta!?" he asked half screaming. We all then said " Empat cikgu!" And his reply was " Salah! Ada 5! Tayar spare!". I just smiled while others laughed wondering if they didn't, they will get some spanking from him. After nearly tree hours of theory class. I rushed to the surau and did my prayers. After a while, I was paired up with a Chinese teacher. He was suppose to teach me all the basics of driving. He did and boy, I was having the time of my life. This guy is damn funny! I mean, the way he talks is enough to make roll on the floor laughing, but I wouldn't do that. I will be dirty with dirt and it was quite rude to that to someone who's about to teach you the art of driving. I thought he was just a driving teacher, nothing more. That thought flew away when he touch about gravity, momentum, acceleration, speed and so on.

I was quite confident to have him as my guru. But I blew the confident away when I hit the poles when I was doing a side parking. Yeah, it's hard. The look on his face was saying that he wasn't mad at me and hoped I would do better. Actually I was afraid of the other car doing the same thing as I did. Come on, this is not my car and I really wouldn't like to hit someone else's car.It was a very tiring day and yet full of fun for me.. After three hours, the uncle picked me up and sent me back to his agency. From there I went around the city plaza, looking like half idiot who looks like he needed some friends, and later, kak Ayu picked me up.
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