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It's been quite a long time since I last wrote (type, duh?) in my blog. I've been busy in and out from the hospital, Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, and really going to that place had made me feel really wonderful. Why you asked? It's because that damned hospital is really fully equipped than the hospital besar Alor Star and it has higher standard compared to the former general hospital. That makes me think and feel that someday Alor Star is gonna be so much better and have the same standards as living in Kuala Lumpur. And I hope I'm still breathing till that day comes into a reality. Actually, before saying this, I really loath having the fact that I was born in Kedah, being called "anak jati Kedah" a. k. a. Kedahan. I hate to say and confess that I'm from Kedah. When I mix with others, I will hesitate and reluctantly to admit that I'm from Kedah.

A view of the sky. Lovely isn't it?

I'm being ungrateful, I know. I was foolish back then to think that other state are doing much more better than us, Kedahan (except for Perlis, Terengganu, and Kelantan and that's a fact and no offence ok?). I know. I hated it so much that somehow I wish I'm magically transferred to somewhere else where the place is much more better(preferably Kuala Lumpur lah and areas around it:)). Yea, yea, I know. Its kinda a foolish act to hate your own origin. I've learned that fact harshly when I mingle with my friends which are from K.L. and Selangor areas. I'm not saying all of them are carrying a bad image from the places they originated from. No. Some of them, just some of them, are carrying the side story of the pitiful lives who didn't make it there. They lost the struggle between being the good, much more Islamic ways to the westerners who act accordingly to their wantings. And some of these people are my friends and I'm doing best that I can to pull them out from the endless, sinful pleasures. I' m so trapped in the illusion of being thinking that K.L and it's nearby area are the best.My friends, Ucop, Qayyum, and Taufiq are some of the names that opened up my blinded eyes. I'm so blinded. They each got a story to share and it opened up my eyes to this world.I no longer craved to say "Hi, I'm from Selangor" or "I'm from K.L, nice to meet ya!"
I slowly, regaining my pride of being a Kedahan.
And now, I'm enjoying bit by bit of what I do in Kedah. I wont be like myself used to be as I'm now very proud (and also loudly) to say "I'm made from Kedah." Yea, I know, sounds kinda corny to me. But it's something that I'm really proud of to say and not afraid of saying that to the whole world "I'm proud to be IN Kedah".
Well, I guess it's kinda true when they say, "There's nothing like home!"
Tomorrow, I'm having a practical session about driving cars. So I have to go for now. Good Night.

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