Worried Sick

Yesterday evening, my grandma, tok, got sick and she couldn't move or talk like she always did. I got worried hearing the news from ayah who quickly knocked on my bedroom door and hushed me to get ready.
"Cepatla, tok ang sakit tu! Cepat pkai baju, ambik skali baju spare, kot-kot nak tido rumah tok." - ayah said.
Not that I'm naked or anything :P .I quickly got up from the plastic chair in front of the computer and get my jeans and shirt. I went to the living room, mak was having an asthma attack. How much I'm worried about tok is nothing compared to how much mak worried about tok. After all, mak is tok's daughter. Mak quickly packed things up, and hurried ayah to drive. Ayah, then scold mak as mak is worrying too much that she had an asthma attack. Kak Ayu and Abang Zaidi get their children, Ain and Amin to be ready and lastly after locking the door and the gate, we, went to Tanah Merah, Pendang. I'm quite worried. So to calm me down, I took my mp3 player and listen to the music. We got there and there tok was, lying on the bed, looking rather exhausted and less responsive of her surrounding. Ayah Mud(my uncle that is) said that tok was waiting for my family. Pak Ndak (my uncle again) said that tok had already talked about her wills. Mak's eyes got watery again. Kak Ayu and Abang Zaidi quickly decided to take tok to the hospital, but tok was reluctant to go. Aiseh, tok. Mak, me, ayah and everyone's gonna be there.

Ayah persuaded tok to come with guaranty that Mak will be the one to take care of her. Upon hearing that, tok agreed. I ride the ambulance, with tok, mak and long mid (my other uncle) inside it. It was a fun ride for me despite the fact that tok was in deep pain. She was having high blood pressure. Later we arrived and tok was treated in the emergency room. And I had been given the task of to take care of Ain. And Ain wasn't being a good girl that particular night. After waiting for quite some time, to was warded in the 7th floor, the bunga raya ward. The name kinda feels cheesy for me. After taking care of tok, I went home with ayah, kak ayu and the kids leaving mak to take care of tok as tok would like mak to take care of her. Who can blamed tok? Mak's the only daughter in the family. And now I'm worried of mak. Mak has asthma and she barely can take care of herself, now she had to take care of tok as well. I hope they're both okay.

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