Misfortune, Unlucky and Dreary

I read about an entry that is made by a friend of mine about his friend, who had met with an accident recently. From what I've read, it looks like the boy is in bad situation. Not that anything that can lead death that is. Just that, when I read her entry about her friend, it somehow made me feel that I've known the boy for so long myself. Weird of me, right? The power of words, Najah. :). Although, I never know that boy before, I couldn't help myself to sympathize him even, I, myself never ever met him.

Maybe from what I've read, it made my heart felt uneasy. Why? It's because I imagined myself in the same situation where a good friend of mine met with an accident, same as Najah's. What would I do? What would I say? What would happen to him/her? These are the questions that keep rotating inside my brain. I couldn't possibly answer them because, it's simple, I never faced them before. Well, I've been in accident as well(year 2006). But it's not that terrifying at all. It's nowhere terrifying for me. One of my finger-bone cracked and it does hurt and I really wanna curse and scream that I'm in pain. It's just I cant. It's because the person who hit us (me and my brother) is much more in a terrible state than me. His family that is. His legs are broken, and his other relative, got one of his legs stuck at the car. His child, which is 8 months old, both of his legs are broken. He is only 8 months old for god's sake. The pain that the child had to endure make me shut up for the whole process of getting me out from the emergency room. Well, I've got a cracked finger and that child broke both of his legs. Should I be louder than the child and scream in pain as well? No. So I shut myself up in respect to the family who had greater loss than mine. I hope that child is okay. Me and my brother couldn't bear the guilt, even tough the accident was not our fault to begin with.

I've met with an accident, and I really hope so that my friends wouldn't. I would be really sad if they do. So don't.
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