Humanity Begone!?

It's getting serious nowadays. Recently we had news saying that some girl got kidnapped by a guy called "Lelaki Kucing". I wonder why we, as humans have lost our humanity. The more we live and have our lives fulfilled, the more we become less and less like a human. Once I heard a story, about a maid who works to a friend of my sister's. She is so rude to the children. I mean, she used her thumb's foot as a pacifier for the kid. She seriously stuck her ugly, smelly, hideous feet inside the child's mouth. I think the child is hungry or rather asking for some attention. What right as a human being, that the child is given a harsh treatment from the maid? What had happened to our humanity? Now, in the news we would hear about maids poisoning their employer's children and children being kidnapped. Before that, snatch thieves were as popular as Siti Nurhaliza's wedding with Datuk K., competing for an article about them in the local papers. They were might even popular than Siti at that time. I mean they came out in the news a lot more than the singer herself.

One day when I asked abang who now, magically and by God's willing (and thankful of it), had changed into a very warak person, about the sad cases that had been happening recently. He simply to me. "Akmal, oi.. Dunia ni dah tak lama dah. Tunggu masa ja kita kena seru dengan Allah s.w.t" abang said while driving the car. I looked at him, looking rather concerned what he had really meant. So, I shut my self up thinking about these cases. It saddening every time you hear the mother selflessly plead for her daughter to be brought back to her side. I prayed to got that soon the mother's burden would be lifted off from her shoulders. We, as a community, should play our parts as well. We must not point fingers, searching and accusing people who needed to be blamed. What if you who like to point fingers were in their shoes? You will experienced the same sadness and grief as they already did. I know it's easier said than done but if we really tried to make a change in our community, I think sooner or later the small changes will take it place bit by bit. Thinking about those who got kidnapped suddenly reminds me of my little niece. What if something were did to happen to her someday? I hope and prayed that the day will never come.

This is my niece!

That thought had always make me worried sick. I know, I know she's just 1 year old, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious isn't it? Well, I hope one day, that our neighbour hood would be a better and a lot safer for our kids to roam freely without without we worrying anything to happen to our children. By the way, I think Malaysia have to reduce the intake of foreign workers slowly as I believe, them being here had been a great risk to our safety especially the one that are helpless and defenseless. Yes, women and children.
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  1. nowadays.. as i am sleepin alone.. i'd be thinkin.. hw if suddnly da guy appear at my window? huhu.. nightmare.. i hope.. this thing will end soon.. or else.. malaysia won't b a safe country nemore..


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