Mean Stupidity

When I read about Syazana's list of stupid things that she did when she was a kid,(I assumed so..If it's not, then -_-||| ) it makes me wanna do a list of stupid things of my own. It's kinda funny reading it over and over again. Not that I'm laughing at her in a mean way. It's just that I remembered being a kid myself doing all these stupid things without even realising it. Well, I can't really remember much still I can list a few things that I did which I considered it VERY stupid myself. Well, you can't really expect a kid who still needs help to eat or drink to do things that can be considered genius.

  1. Hmm, when I was around 3++ years old, I remembered asking my Kak Ifa for some water to drink as I was very thirsty. Kak Ifa sternly said that she was busy with something.(at that time she was 10 yrs old, what can she possibly be busy with? :P) Looking desperate, I took my favorite green cup, and went outside of the house to the nearest drain. The stupid thing I did? Taking the water from the drain to be drink. Luckily, abang was there to stop me or else. Who knows?
  2. When we were still kids (that is my siblings), we used to fight over for the television. One day, abang lost and he was sulking heavily about it. I followed him into the bedroom where he lay out a kain sarong and put all of his clothes in it. He tied the sarong making a bundle of clothes in it. Then he went outside and hop onto his bike ready to fled away from the home. The stupid thing I did? I waved goodbye to him and said that we will meet again. And we did meet again after my sisters went after him at the front gate. :P
  3. When I was still a kid, I remembered having a cat named Tony, (named after Tony the Tiger cereal) I loved that cat and have a fashion sense going on. To test it, I've got the best subject. The cat itself. One day, taking a pair of scissors I quickly caught the cat. The stupid thing I do? Cut the mustache of the cat. The cat scream ( I supposed so) and I still added something to his misery by shaving some of his fur. Abang later came and look at the cat, which looked half dead after hours of playing barber with him. Look on me? Satisfied.
  4. One day I learned a new letter from my mother. Cirit-birit for diarrhea. So I kept repeating to myself and was contented about it. Later, we as a family went back to kampung and I was saying out loud this word. The stupid thing I did? I've somehow changed the cirit-birit into cirit-burette, which isn't a nice word to say. The best thing is, I've repeated it to all of my cousins and my tok. I felt awkward when abang said it wasn't a nice word to say.
That's all the things that I can really remember though. If I could remembered more, I would not hesitate to post some more, even though people with laugh at my stupidity. I love remembering back the things that I did I considered stupid. Haha. Kids, they're a interesting phase in life as growing up.


  1. hahahaha, you're almost worse than me...hoho!

    btw, the news abt nadia g somehow doesnt surprise me.

  2. Wohooo... Hebat jugak ko ni waktu kecik2 dulu... I laughed my head off...

  3. Gelaklah.. mmg tujuanku begitu! lawakkan jadi budak..


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