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Yeah, it's been a long day for me today. A few days later, one of my buddies, Faridzul (PK or Sam is it?) had asked me whether I wanted to join and hangout with him and other few of my buddies. It's been a long time since I last met them. Nearly 1 and a half years is it? (well, after I started studying at MJSC lah). So, I quickly agreed. And today we went out together. They did said that they will wait for me at Pak Hainan. I hurried over and to my surprise, they already ordered something to drink. Did I took that long? Amar and the others looked quite happy to see me. Fauzi was so keen to hear an update of my life, so he's been asking many things. I just answered them :) .

Pojey and PK

Me and Amar

Shaheir and Amar
The first thought that crosses my mind is that, they've changed. 1 year and a half and my buddies changed a lot. Not the way that I found it obnoxious or anything. It's just they've grown taller. Each and everyone of them, leaving me short as I had always been. What did they eat huh? Even Fauzi's taller than me. Shahier and PK was no exception. Amar was higher than me as well. They didn't when we were form 3. I felt somehow left out from the group. Well, I shouldn't actually, because it's just a trivial matter. Would you leave your long made friends just because they're a bit different? Well, I wont. They're my long made friends. I cant find a replacement for each of them as they have a special place in my heart! :) (Sounds weird huh?) Later, we decided that we should go somewhere else. Either jamming or bowling? I'm fine with both options. So, we went to a studio somewhere for a jamming session. This is the first time that I've been in a jamming session with my buddies as I've never followed them to one before. What for? I couldn't even read notes or play anything at all.

PK(Bassist) and Fauzi (Drummist)

Shahier (Guitarist)

Amar (Vocalist and Guitarist)

These guys are amazing and they can really play, I mean every song that they played sounds like the original one. And PK can make any kind of voice, and it's quite fun actually. Meet uncle hussein, MCR, and Muse are some of the songs that I recognized actually. Well, after that we went to Star Parade and eat lunch? (it's already 4.45 o'clock) -_-||| . After that we went our separate ways. It's been a long day and I wish we can do this more often! :P

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