And the award goes to?

Hmm, had we all been happy lately? (Irfan knows why.. Ahaks XD) And someone I met online had met me happier even more just by receiving her award. Yes, Kak Syari, I love your blog as much you love mine and we'll keep checking on each other, ok? You made my day, Kak Syari although someone else did that already by calling me (Irfan knows why..again :P). Thanks a lot Kak Syari.

I love Your Blog - Kak Syari

And don't we all love a blogger that is caring and lovely like Kak Syari. With the biggest honour, I accept your award and would like to pass them to a few friends of mine. AmIIrah, Che Muni, Syazana and Aiman Zack. Haha, hope that I make your day today!

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