Little me

When I browse some of my blogger friends' recent blog post, I had this urge wanting to show off pictures of little me when I was a lot younger. I was really-really small back then which contradicts my current state. Hahaha :P Well, you can't really blame yourself though. Some of the pictures are not that very good, maybe caused by the photographer? Which I convinced myself that it was ayah who took it. If it so, then it's good enough for me lah. XD. A few of the pictures include my sister, Kak Ifa and Mak as well. Lucky me, I had a scanner, so I can scan any of my old pictures. Irfan, if you want to upload yours, you can use mine. I don't mind! :)

I'm the baby with Abang and Kak Ifa

The man in the picture above there is ayah when he's in his 30s-40s I think.By the way, all of this photos are enhanced with adobe photoshop because some of it were very reddish in colour and looked very unrealistic. So, I edited it so it gives a much more realistic picture. I love mak, she was a lot sporting that time than she was right now. Maybe, it's really, REALLY tough to be a mom, so tough that she changed? It's a possibility. XD

Me, posing with a phone. Oh, mak's behind me.

Me, supposedly naked and Kak Ifa

Look at how Kak Ifa posed. She posed like she was this sells girl, doing her thing, promoting what I ate. I don't exactly remember what I ate but Mak said I love to ate jelly a lot. So, I supposed it was jelly that I ate. And Tok also once told me that I didn't like to wear anything and would run around the house naked. She also said I was from this Kampung Seluar Terbakar which translates in English, Burning Pants Village. I laughed upon hearing what Tok had just said. She must had made up that so that I would wear something. Tok, I was a kid. I wouldn't know anything much. Still, I was amused by the Kampung Seluar Terbakar story. :)


  1. Chom, this is soooo sweet! You're so sweet. Your dad good looking eh. heh heh. Biasalah chom, mak bukan tak sporting, cuma being a mom. If akak esok anak akak besar pun mungkin dia kata akak ni bosan tak sporting akakakaka. It's the stage, teenagers think their parents are the most boring unsporting people in the world. Anak akak pun datang dari kampung yg sama, "kampung seluar terbakar". he he he lepas mandi nak kasi dia pakai baju punya lah susah. Suka tul dia telanjang bulat.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing dear.

  2. Oh, it's nothing lah kak syari! ahaha I used to not wearing anything at all. Luckily, when I grew up, that habit remains in the past kan? Kalau tidak.. I was naked in house even I was in 20s.. ahaha Welcome!


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