away again?!

It's been a helluva busy day today. I had to take care of my niece in the mornings and later that evening I followed my parents doing some groceries shopping and that particular night I tagged along with Kak Ayu and Mak to the mall because I needed a new jeans since mine currently nearing it's end while Kak Ayu wanted to buy Ain a brand nice, new pair of shoes. Hahaha :D . It was rather late that I realised I needed a pair of trousers so I quickly pleaded Mak to buy me a new one, and boy was it breezy. (I'm so spoiled :P) Yay, I've got myself a new jeans. And the thought that the next day I'm not gonna be around here made me down once again.

Yes, I have to travel to East Shore of Malaysia once again. Terengganu, aren't you sick of me yet? because I already did. X( It's because there's plainly nothing to do there and last time was no exception. All we did was to visit places here and there without doing nothing actually. If we were going to shop, we will only bought things that are related to food, or clothes mainly, women's clothing. Yep, we boys just sit outside the shop looking foolish, waiting for the girls do finish their bargains. Well, I don't blame them or anyone. I hope this time, we as a family will going to do something a lot more "togetherness" than just some plain shopping. Well, I'm off tomorrow. Anyone wants anything just message my number! Haha :D Wish me a safe journey, you'all!


  1. chom, i don't seem to have your cell number......

  2. Happy journey and try to enjoy it.

  3. heheee.. n i rarely reach terengganu.. **only once i guess?**

  4. syazana did i forget to give my new num? sorry.. thanks kak syari.. and actually i'm enjoying it. aisya.. takder realtives ke here?


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