Update on The Run

Hahaha, what a title to start my new post. Currently, I'm posting far far away from Alor Star, Kedah today. Yes, I'm so far away to the east of Kedah where I stayed with Kak Ifa at Kerteh, Teregganu and after all this time I think I starting to like this place more and more. I love the windy breeze in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or even at nights. Haha, it's all windy when you live near the beach, although I can't really see the beach from where I'm staying, more or less, it's all good for me. A sudden thought crossed my mind and I think that these Petronas workers are very fortunate to work under a company that is so rich that they would spend millions to make a brand new community from scratch to many houses, offices, gold resort, sports recreation center, a school for the workers children and even a brand new mall which is half the size of Midvalley, or maybe I'm just exaggerating on the mall but nevertheless it's a big mall. The thing that made me laugh hard when Kak Ifa points the fact out that the Mall is build in front of a fishing village community. What do you think? Would the fisher mans with their wives come to the mall to just to buy some simple groceries? Hahaha :D

And such blessings that Allah S.W.T had given upon Terengganu because the state is filled with countless of beautiful beaches to visit, and every beach that I went to was a breath taking one. Do mind that, when it is evening, you shouldn't jump into the sea or the waves will swallow you whole without any shreds of mercy reflected upon their deep waters. And I can't upload the pictures now since I've been senile, literally, lately that I've forgotten my most important companion when it comes to cameras; the cables acting as the bridge connecting the camera to the computer. I was in a rush when we were departing from my house to Terengganu. Kak Ayu was hushing us to be quick because we were running late than what had been scheduled. It's a good thing too that when it comes to travelling far far away from home, I've been an avid reader myself and been able to (nearly :P) finish the latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. If I was at home, I would have been easily distracted from reading any novels at all because of the attractions radiated from my computer simply it was connected to the Internet. If I've been able to resist the computer, the television would then gladly, taking the role of the computer, whisper to me slowly, lulling me to watch any boring show on the TV as long my eyes were fixed upon the grayish screen.

I also read novels before I went to sleep, but then again, I was already sleepy trying to resist being attracted to the computer or the TV (even though I already succumbed to the temptations :D). So, lately, I didn't read any books, especially great books. When talking about books, I would prefer cheapened books, (cheapened because it was not off the racks in a book shop for 3 consecutive years) and when I said cheapened, it IS cheapened greatly. For example, for a book which usually priced at around RM30-RM40++, the new price would be around RM15++, so it IS really a bargain for me as a pocket-full-of-nothing student. The books I chose differ every time I went to the book shop. I would like the sci-fi books, but that life-changing books were very tempting and hey, that fiction books is damn worth it to read. Enough about me mumbling about books. I promise to show it to you guys all the pictures I've taken while I'm away in Terengganu, in later posts. By the way, does anyone know of any good books lately?


  1. catch-22 by joseph heller

  2. thanks, syazana.. but takder kedai buku berdekatan.. if so, i doubt they sell english books.


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