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Whew, finally after 10++ hours of traveling from Kerteh straight back to Alor Star, I finally can touch an electronic device that human beings had created, which I love it now and then, the Computer. I really don't have the slightest idea on what topic should I write about. Well, I do had been to Terengganu, but still, I don't have the urge to post something about them. Maybe next time guys? I promise to make it up it to you guys. I'll post it later, up with pictures as well. I'm too tired to think anything witty to write about.

When entered my room, and everything was messy like I never been into this room before in my life. Thanks to Kak Ayu and her husband. They've been using my computer lately to access the internet. I don't really blame them, though. It was messy before I left the room after all. Then I hurried and type something which I don't really know what I'm typing.. which is NOW?

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