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It's a showdown between the cocky Filipino boys, the calm Singaporeans and the amusing Malaysian sisters! Who do you think will win the The Amazing Race Asia 2 and walk home with the US$100,000 (RM323,900) prize money? Let’s take a look at the three teams and examine their strengths, weaknesses and, of course, their other side value. :P

Mark Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez

I can't really lie to you guys that these guys are not that great because damn they are better. They're great with directions, tasks given and they also work cooperatively together. A powerful team, but much more like a sore loser when you add their cockiness and not-so-goofy jokes.

So far, Marc, 31, and Rovilson, 30, have come first in eight out of the 12 legs of the race, a truly impressive feat so far. I must say, these guys are good with traveling it seems. Come, on 10 countries and 15 cities, you must be joking if you could just go anywhere like that without at least knowing where your going to.

Filipinos Marc Nelson (left) and Rovilson Fernandez seem to have a pretty strong grip on the prize, given that they’ve emerged first in eight of the race’s 12 legs.

They seem likely be close to be the winner, but are they? Their over-confidence can cast a bad luck spell on their journey around the world, (or asia). Too much confidence and your out of the game boys!

The other side of them is their comic antics and clowning around was barely amusing in the first few episodes of the race, it is becoming a obnoxiously tiresome now. I don't know what are they really thinking with all that moustache and all. Come on guys, stop with the lame jokes though you can do better. Ahaha :P

Adrian Yap and Collin Low

Adrian, 27, and Collin, 35, from Singapore are in terms with the word cool and calm. The two have kept closely behind Marc and Rovilson throughout the race, and mostly coming in second to the Filipino boys. However, in the last five legs, the two have shown that they won’t go down without a fight. In fact, they beat the Filipinos and came in first consecutively in the 10th and 11th leg. This is what we called pure strength, people. They're just it and much more the opposite of those Filipino boys!

Their greatest strength is probably their foresight. They booked their tickets early (and heck where did they get internet connection through out the race? XD) online as far as possible, as well as the support they lend each other. They just looked like brothers in arms supporting for each other. While Adrian has hearing disability, this doesn't concern the boys at all. It was nothing for them.

Collin Low (left) and Adrian Yap from Singapore probably need to push themselves a bit more to beat the Filipino boys.

Their weakness? Though Adrian has a hearing disability, I don’t think this is the boys’ biggest weakness. They need to perhaps push themselves a bit (just a little bit) more to beat the Filipino boys and, for heaven’s sake boys, learn to operate a push start car!

Pamela and Vanessa Chong

The Chong sisters have indeed proven their mettle by making it to the finals. The two started the race with great promise: coming in first in the first episode. However, since then, the two have managed to escape elimination but not without their fair share of scrapes (Vanessa got a concussion after her 10m dive and had a meltdown when she had to drive a manual car).

Malaysian sisters Vanessa (left) and Pamela Chong have shown their willingness to go all out to win The Amazing Race 2.

Their greatest strength would be their willingness to go all out for the race. In the last leg, for example, they were the only team to use their hands to scoop a huge pile of elephant dung into a wheelbarrow instead of using the small spades given! Now that’s bold.

Their biggest weakness is their inability to perform well under pressure. We’ve seen, time and again, how both Pamela, 24, and Vanessa, 29, buckle under pressure: Pamela tends to get a bit bossy while Vanessa just breaks down and can’t think.

They are hilarious.From the way they talk (they showcase the Malaysian lingo to perfection) and the things they say .. they make us laugh out loud. Every week. Hahaha, I love these girls.

And the results are in. It's the Singaporean team! Congratulations to Singaporean team! but can't help it though that the last race was their own home country. Still it was amazing indeed to see they race. The Malaysian came second while the Filipino boys came third after finishing their road block just a little later than the Singaporean team. Well, whatever the case, it's an enjoying show to watch. In the last TARA, our team, Malaysia, had been the first place. Congratulations on that too!


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