Singing Your Heart Out

Have your heard about reality tv shows? What about the one who lets total amateurs to sing the contents of their hearts out? You guys really don't know!? What the heck? Where have guys been living? In a cave? Nah, just kidding. Well, to those who haven't heard of them yet, now is a better chance to get closer to them. Reality tv shows especially singing contests were held to find fresh and new talents walking among us. You may never know that Kak Jemah next door can sing better than Siti Nurhaliza herself or that Abang Jupri, your brother's friend of friend's cousin can hum much more better than P. Ramlee. In a way, this reality tv shows had been popping up nowadays in order to let those amateurs sing and have their own chance to shine on the stage. Despite of their new look, they're greater than some of our local singers. (not naming one, in case of a lawsuit :P).

There's a lot of singing competition held in or outside our country. For examples that within our country are Mentor, Malaysian Idol, Akademi Fantasia, One In A Million, Gangstarz and so on. The more international ones are American Idol and Who's Got Talent. Thousands, if not, millions came to the auditions of these singing competition just to test their luck, whether they are lucky enough to be a superstar and stand, shoulder to shoulder to Bono,U2, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey to name few. If local, of course it supposed to be Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi and so on, right? But, not all of them can really, I mean REALLY sing. Yet, they gather all their courage to show up their faces in front of the judges. For example, W*****m H**g from American Idol Season 3. He can't really sing with that cheesy line of him"She bangs, she bangs", still he did really came to the competition. Why? with a capital W. Why? Shouldn't that he'd be aware long before he noticed that he can and would be only singing a horrible tune out of his mouth? I'm not putting him down or anything, it's just that it irritates me, you, your Kak Jemah and Abang Jupri sometimes whenever you hear someone who clearly can't really sing and tried their best. It somehow make themselves pitiful.

I do think that they realised it long before they knew they can't really sing but they just wanted to show up on the show. What gives. They don't really care about what the judges said, even the judges said that "You sang like my late grandma did when she was snoring" and that line did made Kak Jemah laugh rolling on the floor, but they didn't really care as long Mom, Dad, Uncle Bor can see him/her on the tv. As long their faces are on the flat screen tv. No shame on it being brave. Or are they? Being brave and plain stupid are two complete different things. I think it's kinda of stupid just to barge in and said "Hello and I'm gonna sing Waiting for the World to Change" when it clearly that the world paralyzed upon hearing your singing. I'm not condemning anyone particular, but it just irritates me just to listen to them. I want to hear fresh talent! A BIG DEAL of a talent.

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