Totally Disastrous

As usual, today I went to learn how to drive and today's my last day of learning how to drive and damn it was a hectic one yet. I don't really know. I was really in a major nervous state that I do simple mistakes such as not giving the signal a little earlier than it's supposed to be and not breaking when doing a turn. And that Uncle what's-his-name-maybe weren't that forgiving after all. If I do something wrong he would asked me what I did wrong. Uncle, I'm still learning and you're the teacher, aren't you supposed to tell what I DID wrong. Sheesh, gimme a break already. He's screaming like mad whenever I do simple mistakes. Well, I can't blame him as he was doing his job. I can just blame me though and hope I will do better on the QTI test.

8 hours have passed by, and now is the time for me to take the QTI test and hopefully I pass the test and will continue ahead with the JPJ test. Wait ah, Syasya, I'm getting a license of my own too, you know. Next time, will be racing each other pulak, hahaha :P. Anyhow, I'm really nervous just wondering when the QTI test is, because I will do it with a complete, total stranger. How would you feel driving a stranger around the city, and that particular stranger will be giving you directions and you bluntly follow them? It sounds completely idiotic kan? Hey, learning how to drive is fun too, I mean you got to drive a car (Helloooo, Kancil?) at least and I felt addicted to it after I finished my classes. And, don't you guys think I'm whining because I don't whine most of the time (I did whine when I'm really-really down, and I only whine to my close friends, alright?) and I'm like to mumble more than whining. Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it big time.


  1. Good luck tau, instructor kenkadang suka gertak. Jgn nervous. :D

  2. hahha.// bayak laa chom..dah pass test belom?


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