8 things about me

I was checking my shoutbox when Irfan posted, you've been tagged. I was blur that time and went straight back to his blog and there, a post 8 things about him. He then tagged me, which I, reluctantly to do it. But, a friend of yours tagged you kan, just do it lah. So, what do you guys wanna know about me? Since, I have to write all about myself, and given the liberty whether to write it short or long, so I think I'll do medium. :P

  1. My name would be Akmal Ghani but preferably be called Chom or AkmalG . Chom is a nickname given to me by a dear friend of mine. AkmalG is the name I created since I was in KSAH since most of the boys there have Akmal in their name. So, I'm pretty stuck with Chom right now. Feel free to call me Chom. Currently living in AS, Kedah.
  2. I can't wait turning 18teen this year but I wish I would not grow up so that I can remain being a teenager. I hope I can continue playing with my games and not be called too old for that.
  3. I'm emotional sometimes. Emotion is the thing that drives me through any hardships or downfall. If someone pushes me, they'll get pushed back by me.
  4. I love animes and music. And, I've been watching animes since I was 6 years old. Just can't remember which anime were present before. As for music, it's everything to me. Music drives my emotional state, my emotional state drives me through life. Simple maths isn't it?
  5. Daydreaming before sleeping. That's important too. :P
  6. I'm talkative when I know that person well. Or not. I'm talkative everywhere I go.
  7. Appreciate friendships the most. Friends are necessary to me especially gang KSAH, and FaynatiC group. They spin my world around.Oh and Usopp, you're not forgotten too.
  8. I like to listen to other people's problem and would try my best to give my advice to them. Anne, don't get mad. I just like to help rather than being helped.

I think that's all you guys should know about me. If I give more, you guys wouldn't take the time to know me well kan? Hahaha :P So, I that's it lah. Now I would tag my friends that I wanna know more about them. Not to worry, it's not compulsory for you guys to do it once you've been tagged.

  • Syazana (You MUST do this.. Hahaha :D)
  • Che Muni (Kau pun kena! XD)
  • Aiman Zack the Novelist (You, like Syazana.. A MUST Haha:D)
  • AmIIrah (Buatlah, I wanna know more about you :P)
  • Wany (Buatlah, boleh isi masa lapang XD)
  • Kay-Ay (Aku rasa ang tak mau buat.. tapi aku nak tag gak)
Ok, that's it. For those who have the heart to do this then do it. If you guys don't it's okay! :D

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