What I wouldn't Give Away

In response to Kak Syari's latest post, I decided to join Kak Syari's competition to win that e-points thingy. Before that I wasn't interested at all, but after browsing the entrecard website and knowing what 200 points can be done, I'm really pumped up by now. Hahaha :D

Celebrating Life

Well, this picture is taken last year, a week or so before the SPM examination as an eternal memory of our friendship. This guys are my best mates and they've all been with me for 2 years already. When I was down, one of them would come to comfort me right away. If I was confuse, we all would sit down and talk. They wouldn't let someone hurt me even though I didn't really need the protection as I'm not really that frail but still, I do appreciate every little details that they did to help me up. Maybe, I sounded self-centered, but we did help each other with our daily lives. I did my part filling their holes while they did theirs by filling mine. I love you guys and this friendship that we have within us all, I wouldn't trade it for the world. You guys are the best. We celebrate life together, guys!

Update: I've been picked as one of the winners! Yay! Hooray! Congrats on me and those who had win. Irfan, you did well too!


  1. Really nice picture chom. Thanks for joining. Can advertise your blog with the ecredit eh. :)

  2. cantek nye gamba...hahaha..everytime me n pika jln2 lepas subuh time weekend, korg mesti ade.

  3. Oh... the memories of memories.... Can't wait to go there this march!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks people.. hahaha.. i really love this picture!

  5. yeahla.btol syazana. if pagi2 weekend tu jln2..msti u guys ade dgn kaen pelekat lgi :D ur frenship rox!

  6. Thanks amii, kitorang suka hirup udara segar pagi.. sbb tido tak semestinya best..


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