What gives?

I woke up at 10.24 a.m. because of the noise made by the door. Kak Ayu knocked on my bed room door like there was a military drill going on. "Bangun! Bangun!" she screamed like mad. "Jom, ikut kakak! Kakak nak pi meeting!" I rubbed my eyes and ask her whether I'm really needed badly to follow her. And she simply said, yeah. So, I took a bath and quickly dressed up. And there, I'm one the road already. "Kak, tak makan lagi nih!" my mind was imagining my mak's nasi goreng. "Lorh, pi la makan kat kedai nanti!" she replied. Yes, eating outside again today. *grinning widely* It's been such a long time that I since last ate at a restaurant for brunch. (breakfast+lunch). It was at Uncle John Kopitiam.. Why Uncle John? :sigh:

Uncle John's Kopitiam

Then a waitress came. She came, give me the menu and the best thing was she didn't even smile and the look on her face as if she didn't want to work there. Hey, I'm your customer, okay? Smile la at least.Then I ordered something.

French Toast, with Honey and Mango Smoothies

It's delicious though! Still, not that fulfilling. (Tengokla perut oii :P) And my credit is nearing 0, so I needed to find a top up center. The best thing is? I walked like 1 km, just to find a shop that sells one. That's it, I'm outta of Kedah! Luckily, I found a Pizza Hut but I've got no extra money after buying the top up, so I just took a picture of the Pizza Hut. Just don;t know what to do. Next, I'm off to Terengganu!


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