Quitting What's Bad

This post is mainly about a dear friend of mine, whose age is the same as me. We entered the same high school together at Form 4 but I never ever talked to him or even get close enough to know him. He was an ex-MRSM by the way. The very reason is that, at that particular time, ex-MRSMs was a taboo word for us Govs. Until that fateful day the taboo word had changed into my miracle melody, which the wardens had decided to mix our rooms so that each room will have ex-MRSMs and Govs. At first, I was afraid of the idea of having to share rooms with ex-MRSMs. You know, their glance and stare was killing me. (Yes, I may sound stupid :P) After a while, I got close to my roommates and we become very close except that particular one. (Sorry, tak nak mention who's the person lah :P) Now back to the main person that I was talking about. Even after the mixture, I rarely spoken to him. Why I didn't speak to him at all? Simple, I've got no reason to.

*Note*This next paragraph may or may not to certain eyes, that somehow sounds weird. I want to make it clear that, this feelings that I had are only based on friendship. I felt the same way to all of my friends.

Then it came. Form 5 life. I was having a bit of trouble with my classmate at that time. So, I need an escapade. I need to take refuge, from someone, mainly from a friend. My current friends aren't really helping. (Sorry guys! :P) And that's when my eyes strike him. He had this brotherly figure that attracts me (not sort of that attraction, please bear that in mind :D) to be his friend. I know him already since we were in Form 4, but never would I had spoken to him. Suddenly, I just rose up from my chair and talk to him. And that is the start of our beautiful friendship. (told you, it's gonna sound weird!) So, I got to know him a lot more. He is really a brotherly figure friend. He likes to play with kids and he never gets tired from playing with them. And that's the thing that attracts me the most as me, myself is the youngest child in the family. He treated me like I was a kid myself, and that made me feel damned spoiled which feels a lot like home. Although the feelings just ephemeral, still it had made me feel at home which I was missing so badly. Sadly enough, behind that brotherly figure, hold the darkest secret that I don't really know.

He is a smoker. He smokes a lot, whether in the MRSM or outside. That cold, harsh fact slapped me hard on the face and my impression on him. It saddens me to know that your good friend is doing something that can be considered (or really is XD) stupid, and you as a friend couldn't do a single thing to stop him. So, I confront him. I give my advice. He just listened as if I was talking nonsense to him. The more he did that to me, the more I will continue. I was very determined to make him quit smoking, if not, reduce the amount of cigarettes intake. Even the young ulama's in our school, uztaz, and teachers had been giving lectures about this. Still, it had no effect on him whatsoever. I was so frustrated at him. All of my efforts are being washed away in the drain. The more I advice, the more space he created between us. A solitude gap that is made between two strangers. He's avoiding me whenever I want to talk to him. So, afraid of losing him as a friend, I stopped and be silent. I rather not loose a friend. Not anymore.

After the spm examination, we, students went back home. He was enrolled to PLKN/NS during the holiday which I teased him a lot about it. We still contacted each other mostly during weekends lah when his hand phone was returned back to him. My weekend ends Saturday and his starts Saturday, by the way. So, on one fine day which is Sunday morning, I got a call. It was from him. I answered it, while yawning and my head aching. (Kes tidur terlebih :P)We talked and update about each other. Suddenly, I heard these words which I never thought I would hear it from his mouth. Since I stop giving lectures to him.

He said "Chom, you know what? Aku nak stop naro." Then there is silence.
*Note naro is another word for smoking created by the smokers in the MRSM to avoid the narrow eyes of those watching and staring.

And I was speechless. What in the earth and heavens had made him uttered those words? Well, Alhamdullilah! I then said "Well, good for you lah, make sure your going for it" So, the call ended there. I was thrilled and was thanking to Allah S.W.T because He had finally listen to my prayers. So after that, I texted him, giving the encouragement and tips on how to really quit. And now, I could only pray to Allah S.W.T, so that he have the strength to pull it off this time. And that's how I fight smokers around me. Luckily, I'm not born into a family whose dad or brothers (or maybe even sisters) that smoke. If you guys have any family members, relatives, friends or acquaintances that smoke, please don't ever give up on them like I did halfway. They need you to show the way and your support to pull it through. I know it now, because I found one to guide.


  1. i think i know him.
    i'm so glad that he has changed.
    a big clap for u!
    u're such a go0d fren.

  2. thanks.. berat tau nak tolong org egoist..

  3. chom.. =) at last.. i'm hppy for u..

  4. hey! ive never heard of NARO be4! well,so now if ada org ckp NARO i noe whut it means! :D thx 2 u! haha. btw, i h8 smokers oo. thx 4 making the number of smokers decrease by ONE. ONE is HUGE taw.


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